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Carpet Cleaning

by:GOWORLD     2020-08-08
Carpet cleaning methods are as varied as the number of carpet cleaning equipment and chemical manufacturers on the market. Our company uses the following method. We hold that our method is the most complete process and has both technical and common sense advantages that give our customers one huge advantage: their carpet stays cleaner longer. Our carpet cleaning includes the following steps: 1. Carpet vacuumed with a pile lifter. This vacuum has a 1/2 horse power motor just for the beater bar. Loose particles of soil, sand and hair are removed. 2. Preconditioner applied with the Cimex, a 640 rpm bi directional cleaner. Bi directional means the machine spins clockwise, and with the flip of a switch, spins counterclockwise. Walk areas will be cleaned using this machine are cleaned beyond your expectations. During this step we use Chemspec's Formula 161 Carpet Shampoo. This shampoo contains a fabric protector to keep carpets looking cleaner longer. We allow this solution to dwell in the carpet long enough to suspend soil completely. Steps 1and 2 alone are superior to most cleaning processes. 3. After the carpet is totally prepared we then begin the final phase of cleaning. Truck mounted steam cleaning. Our carpet-cleaning machine produces heat in excess of 270 degrees. In this solution we meter through a chemical to leave the carpet soft and prevent return of stubborn stains. This final step is the one cleaner start with. Truthfully most consumers could care less how their carpets are cleaned, but they do want them looking great as long as possible. Our secret is that there is no secret. We vacuum to remove as much dry particles as possible before using any solutions. We apply our cleaning solution with the only machine we know of that turns the fibers both ways. We then steam clean the carpet with a cleaning solution metered along with the hot water. Most cleaners start with the last step mentioned above, the steam cleaning. This is what we refer to as the finishing step. It is why our carpets look better and stay cleaner longer
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