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Carpet Cleaning Myths Dispelled Reasons Why Cleaning

by:GOWORLD     2020-08-09
In spite of modern advanced technology, numerous people still continue to hold on to past misconceptions about the cleaning of carpets. For many years, these myths have prevented people from effectively cleaning their carpets. Of these mistaken beliefs, four of them are the most common. These misconceptions are: 1. The more you clean your carpet the more it gets dirty, so wait for a long time before cleaning it Dirt has an abrasive nature, so each time one steps on his or her carpet the dirt gets into the carpet's fibers and causes damage to it. A dirty carpet will wear out more quickly than if it was cleaned regularly. Using a vacuum alone will not effectively clean the carpet, as it will not be able to remove fine grains and grease. Therefore, this myth is absolutely false. 2. One only should clean a carpet when it is visibly dirty This is not necessarily the case. For instance, people clean clothes once they have been worn, even if they seem clean. It is the same case with carpets. One's skin, hair or garments can transport pollutions such as fungi, pollen, bacteria, cigarette smoke and countless other chemicals on to the carpet. These pollutants are mostly unseen, so the carpet might appear clean but, in reality, it is dirty. 3. All methods of cleaning produce the same results There are two main methods of cleaning carpets, which are the extraction of hot water and dry cleaning. These two methods use water in one way or another. In dry cleaning, shampoo is applied to the carpet and left to dry and a vacuum cleaner is then used to remove the foam. This method of cleaning is least effective, as it leaves residue that can attract more dirt to the carpet. In hot water extraction, a cleaning solution made of hot water is high pressured into the carpet fibers and then extracted using a powerful machine. This intense cleaning action penetrates deep into every fiber. This is the best cleaning method, as it removes all residues and soil. 4. Anyone can do the job with the right equipment This is not true, as effective cleaning requires training and experience. There are some cleaning companies that own the right equipment but do not have trained staff to clean carpets. It is therefore important to choose a cleaning company that is reputable.
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