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How to configure large laundry room equipment?

How to configure large laundry room equipment?


Description: In addition to selecting the appropriate laundry room equipment manufacturers, large-scale laundry room equipment buyers also need to configure suitable laundry room equipment, so how to configure large-scale laundry room equipment?


Now many large-scale manufacturers have also started to build large-scale laundry rooms, most of which are service industries such as hotels and hospitals. Of course, many factories also need to build their own laundry rooms to wash employees' clothes. Large-scale laundry room equipment purchasers In addition to choosing the right laundry room equipment manufacturer, it is also necessary to configure the appropriate laundry room equipment, so how to configure the large laundry room equipment? Let's chat together.


All major laundry room equipment buyers need to know what types of laundry room equipment are divided into before configuring. Generally speaking, the laundry room should include at least two kinds of equipment, washing and drying. If the laundry room only needs to wash clothes, it is enough to configure the washing machine and dryer of the appropriate capacity according to the washing volume, but most large laundry The room equipment needs to be washed not only the clothes to wear, such as the hotel laundry room equipment, it is necessary to wash the bed linen and quilt cover of the guest room, the tablecloth of the restaurant, etc., this type of linen needs to be ironed in addition to the treatment and washing. Ironing, for the laundry room that needs to meet this type of washing needs, it also needs to be equipped with an ironing machine. Before the laundry room is equipped with ironing equipment, it is necessary to know the longest width of the linen, as well as the washing time. Knowing the width can be configured appropriately Length of ironing machine, know the laundry room hours and the number of irons Can configure a single- or multi-roller ironing machine. Ironers with more rollers will iron faster. Generally, a laundry room equipped with an ironing machine will also be equipped with a folding machine. The folding machine can be connected to the ironing machine. After the ironing is completed, the linen can directly enter the folding machine for folding, so that the laundry room staff only need to put the folding machine. The linen that comes out is ready to pack.


In general, what kind of equipment should be equipped in a large laundry room depends on the actual situation, demand and budget. Generally, it includes three types of washing equipment, drying equipment and ironing equipment. If the budget is sufficient, it can also be equipped with a folding machine, although The cost of purchasing a large laundry room equipment is high, but it is less expensive to operate a laundry room in the long run.

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