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Industrial washing equipment factory reflect industrial value of the Internet

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-13

as a manufacturer of industrial washing equipment, in the point of view, the Internet industry has an indispensable value.

in the first place, effectively improve the utilization rate of resources, reduce industrial washing equipment production costs. Industrial laundry equipment manufacturers rely on the Internet with the help of big data technology to get the user information and to use intelligent software to analyze its consumer preferences, so as to accurately grasp their personalized needs. Precision production and precision marketing to avoid the waste of resources and energy, reduce the production cost.

second, industrial washing equipment in the industry to the Internet, will greatly improve the maintenance efficiency of industrial laundry equipment. Through the Internet, customers can directly to online customer service of industrial washing equipment factory equipment or product problems in communication, and then upload the data to the enterprise cloud platform, so that faster and more accurately find the problem, and put forward the optimized maintenance plan.

industrial washing equipment manufacturers can optimize production management process, improve the operational efficiency of enterprises. Internet industry through the PLM ( Product lifecycle management) System, the control of product design, assembly, marketing, recycling and so on all process; Through the CPS ( Physical information fusion system) The digital world is an organic whole repeatedly with the real world, break the barriers between enterprise and customer. This will make the enterprise production, management and operational efficiency gain unprecedented ascension.

industrial laundry equipment manufacturer company introduction of Internet strategy, committed to break the 'wisdom' and the boundary of the machine. Ge once in the report predicted that if the 'Internet industry' can let the enterprise's productivity each year increased by 1% ~ 1. 5%, so in the next few years, employees' average income level will be increased by 25% ~ 40% than now.

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