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Serviced Apartments

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-07
Gone are the days when one has to pay top whack for a decent hotel room or suffer in a small Bed & Breakfast. Now, an alternative is available for weekend, business or long-term stays in UK cities such as London, Edinburgh or Bath - that of serviced apartments. As well as being a cheaper way to enjoy your favourite city, serviced apartments offer a home away from home for those on business trips. They provide sumptuous furnishings where one can relax after a hard day of negotiating. Serviced apartments are available on a short-term basis for those enjoying a weekend break and are ideal to let with friends or as a couple, as they provide comfortable, modern living accommodation with fully equipped kitchens in case you don't fancy going out for a meal and simply want to enjoy fine food and wine with company in the comfort of your own apartment. For those staying in the city on a longer term basis, apartments can be let for an extended period of time and provide a convenient solution to the small hotel room. Instead of paying for hotel laundry, serviced apartments are fitted with washing machines and other equipment to make your longer term stay as stress free as possible. Think of a serviced apartment as your own luxury sanctuary where you can return at any hour you wish and not have housekeeping waking you up in the morning. For those who are greener minded, serviced apartments are a sustainable way to spend your break, with many apartments offering a green ratings system so you can choose the most eco friendly option. Indeed, staying in a serviced apartment stops you from relying on room service or laundry, putting you in control of lighting and heating. Therefore, serviced apartments are sustainable option to the standard hotel room, as well as being more spacious and freedom-granting.
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