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The industrial washer extractor factory engineer's day

The industrial washer extractor factory engineer's day


Hello everyone, the picture is about that the FOSHAN GOWORLD commercial laundry machine customer laundry’s room department.

They are developing new products together. Our product is a industrial laundry washer and industrial drying machine. You can also use WeChat to scan the QR code to pay, which is simple and practical.

The engineers are using professional testing equipment to test the industrial washer extractor performance. Seeing the busy figures of the engineers, I can't help but pay tribute to their rigorous work attitude. In order to develop more laundry programs and more convenient commercial laundry machine performance for the computer board, the engineers use the noon break. It takes about 45 minutes for the machine to test a week per check. From this, we can see how dedicated our engineers are.

Foshan goworld laundry washer extractor Factory is here to serve you around the clock. Our drying machines have superior performance, simple maintenance, fault alarms, and the laundry products are constantly being updated. It is definitely a reliable choice for your use.  

Industrial washing machines and dryers Machine, can realize your dream of opening a chain of laundry or hotel laundry room, don't hesitate any longer, call our hotline as soon as possible.

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