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3 Important Safety Tips You Must Know When Using

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-20
If your looking to find out the 3 things that you should do in order to maintain your condenser tumble dryer properly then you're in the right place. Condenser dryers are very handy to have in the home but there are some very important basic things you must do every so often to ensure your dryer keeps working to its full potential and also it remains safe to use for you and your family.
1 - Make sure you clean the lint on a regular basis, this is very important because it can get clogged up and with the amount of heat being generated there have been times when some dryers have been known to catch fire because of the amount of build up of fluff and dust in the lint. Simply open up the door remove the lint and give it a clean after every 2 or 3 times of you using your dryer.
2. An additional trick to clean your lint is to us warm soapy water, this is a good way to maintain your lint but it does not have to be done as much as the first tip just do it after every 5 or 6 times of using your dryer or when you think it may need a good wash
3. Another great tip is to actually vacuum your lint, many people simple attach the relevant nozzle onto there vacuum or hoover and give the lint a good clean. This can be done before or after cleaning the lint with warm soapy water.

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