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5 Most Effective Ways of Carpet Cleaning

by:GOWORLD     2020-08-30
If you have already spoiled your favourite carpet trying to clean it and do not want to take chances with your new carpet, then, it is best to employ carpet cleaning services to accomplish the job. They follow most effective and proven ways to clean your carpet without damaging it. 5 most effective ways of carpet cleaning are as follows: Shampooing This is one of the oldest, simplest and considerably one of the best and effective methods of carpet cleaning. A brush is used to spread the cleaner on the carpet and then is agitated using the brush. Once the foams have covered the whole carpet and the dirt is loosened, a vacuum cleaner is used to suck all the dust, dirt and foam. This leaves you with a perfectly clean carpet without any damage. However, you should vacuum it properly to clean it perfectly. Steam clean In this method, hot mix of water and cleanser is jet sprayed on the carpet. This method is used for specialized cleaning. After this, all the dirt and water is sucked using a vacuum cleaner. It leaves almost no stain; however, if your carpet is too old and has gone fragile, then, it is not advisable to use this method. Dry clean This is a complicated process, but provides you desired level of cleanliness. Due to the complexity involved in the process, it is best to employ expert dry cleaning services for the job. It involves, application of cleanser, and then a buffer agent is either sprinkled or applied on the carpet. In the last stage, everything is sucked back using a vacuum cleaner. It involves almost no drying time and thus is preferred by those who want to complete the cleaning process at the earliest. Spin Wash There are several other names to this process. It is also popular with the name of bonnet washing procedure. In this method, cleanser is buffed on the carpet using a brush. You need to continue the process, till all the dirt is gone. You can then utilize a vacuum cleaner to suck back the dirt and cleanser or just let it dry in natural condition. Auto foam cleaning This is one of the most recent methods, but due to the level of cleanliness it offer, it has become one of the most preferred method of carpet cleaning. In this method a machine is used for the purpose. The machine mixes the cleanser and water and scrub clean your carpet. There are also several other method used by the expert services to accomplish the job, however, the aforementioned methods remain one of the most preferred.
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