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Advantages of Coin Operated Washers and Dryers

by:GOWORLD     2020-08-25
Public laundry facilities are very common in crowded neighborhoods of major American cities, which are cramped for space and people don't have access to personal laundry spaces. These facilities are very helpful for students living far away from their families and not owning a personal washing machine. Earlier washing and drying machines available at most of the laundry facilities did not keep track of user time themselves, which posed serious problems to the laundry management staff in accurately the machine usage time of each user. To do away with this problem, laundromats have started to replace their regular machines with coin operated machines. The major advantages of using coin operated washers and dryers in commercial laundry facilities are:- Automated time management: Coin operated washers and dryers require users to enter a requisite amount in coins to be able to use the machine for a specified time. Once the user has entered the amount the integrated timer in the machine sets up itself and does not require to be monitored. As soon as the time expires, the machine will stop automatically and won't resume working till the user inserts more coins. No separate billing counter is required: Since the coin operated machines require the user to pay the usage amount in advance, there is no need for a separate billing counter. This means hassle free payments, and that too without long queues. This also saves the laundromat extra space for more machines and drying area. Less managing staff: Since these machines maintain records of time automatically and directly collect money from the user, no separate billing and time recording staff is required. Few support staff are still a requisite to clean the laundry area and assist the users, but their number is far less than those required in general washing and drying machines. Promotes self service: Coin operated washing and drying machines are very similar to automated mini soda vending machines found in public places like airports, shopping malls etc. Such vending machines operate without any human surveillance. Same is the condition with automatic coin based machines in laundromats; they also don't need any human surveillance. More savings: Though the initial cost of coin based washers and dryers are usually higher than the general ones, these machines prove to be more cost effective than the latter ones. This is because of the lower number of staff required to smoothly run the laundry facility.
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