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Analysis of noise problem of washing equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-02-27

The vibration of an object will produce sound. Each sound has its own unique tone, loudness and timbre. It is also in this way that we can identify things through sound. In film and television works, God of Gamblers can judge the number of points through the subtle differences emitted by the vibration of dice, while in real life, it is not uncommon to judge the failure of mechanical equipment through sound. Here, Shanghai Lijing will take you to understand the noise problem of washing equipment and how to judge the fault through equipment noise.

mechanical equipment in the long-term use of the process, there will be a certain damage, while lubricating oil will be consumed in the use of the process, it is normal to have noise at this time. In the process of using the laundry equipment, sometimes the noise will increase obviously. In this case, the source of noise should be found first, such as removing the triangular belt driven by the washing equipment and starting the washing machine, if there is noise, it means that the noise is generated by the motor; If the noise disappears, it means that the noise is generated by the main shaft of the inner cylinder.

most of the time, the noise problem can be effectively solved by filling lubricating oil into the motor or inner barrel spindle, however, when the effect of this method is not obvious, the bearing of the motor or inner cylinder spindle needs to be replaced.

In addition, the noise emitted by washing equipment is not necessarily caused by equipment failure, it is possible that there is foreign matter inside the machine rubbing with the running parts. Shanghai Lijing recommends that when the washing equipment suddenly appears noise during use, stop the machine immediately, and carefully analyze and judge the source and cause of noise. And open the back cover of the washing machine, remove the triangle belt, and turn the Big Belt Pulley. If the noise appears between the inner cylinder and the outer cylinder, it means that there is foreign matter in between, the heater should be removed for inspection, and the foreign matter should be taken out.

The size of the pulley of the washing equipment is not on the same plane or the size of the pulley groove is uneven, deformation and some other reasons, it will also make the washing equipment make noise during the working process. In the face of such problems, Shanghai Lijing recommends checking and replacing the large and small pulleys and belts.

for the noise problem of washing machinery, people who have just come into contact with washing equipment may not be able to judge the cause of the failure through noise in the first place, however, some long-term use of washing equipment or professional maintenance personnel are often able to accurately judge the problem through their ears. At the same time, the noise generated by different faults of washing equipment is also different. As long as you understand this rule, you can reduce a lot of trouble in the future equipment maintenance.

during the use of the washing equipment, if there is a collision between the washing tub and the shell or the ground where the equipment is placed is uneven, the device will make a 'bang' sound. In this case, the center of gravity of the washing equipment needs to be adjusted to keep the equipment stable.

The slack conveyor belt of laundry equipment will cause the motor to make a 'crackling' sound during rotation. During overhaul, loosen the fastening screws of the motor base, turn the motor away from the direction of the wave wheel shaft, tighten the transmission belt, and then tighten the fastening screws of the base.

when washing, the wave wheel turns to make a 'giggle' friction sound. During overhaul, it can be put into water instead of clothes for inspection. At this time, if there is still a 'giggle' friction sound when the wave wheel rotates, it means that it is caused by friction between the wave wheel and the bottom of the washing tub when it rotates. If clothes are put in again, the sound will be louder. The cause of the failure may be that the wave wheel screw is loose, so the wave wheel can be removed now, and then a gasket of appropriate thickness is padded at the bottom of the shaft to increase the gap between the wave wheel and the bottom of the barrel. Eliminate collision or friction between the two. If the outer ring of the wave wheel touches the washing bucket, the wave wheel should be removed and reconditioned before being installed.

after the washing machine is used for a long time, due to mechanical wear, lack of lubricating oil, aging of parts, spring fatigue deformation and other reasons, there will be various abnormal vibration and noise. If it is not repaired in time, the parts of the washing machine will be accelerated to wear or even damaged. Shanghai Lijing said that after mastering the above maintenance methods and rules, the maintenance of the noise problem of washing equipment will become much simpler.
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