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Analysis of small tricks to prevent rusting of washing equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-02-27
Friends who have been in contact with large washing equipment for a long time all know that large washing equipment often rusts. Although most of the washing equipment is made of stainless steel now, if you don't pay attention to it, washing equipment is still easy to rust. Next, I 'd like to share with you some tips to prevent large washing equipment from rusting :(1) If the main shaft of the purchased large washing equipment has oil injection holes, it should be oiled regularly to prevent rust; (2) Large washing equipment should be placed in a dry, sanitary place without corrosive gases and liquids to keep the laundry room normally ventilated. After using up the equipment, close the door after the inner barrel of the equipment is dry; (3) If the large washing equipment is not used for a long time, the water inside the equipment should be drained. After it is completely dried, cover it with a special cloth cover. It is best to choose a better air permeability, avoid the erosion of dust in the air and ensure the dryness and neatness of the washing equipment; (4) When the large laundry equipment has already rusted, the rusted rust stains should be polished clean with sandpaper, and then painted with paint of the same or similar color, this can not only prevent further corrosion of washing equipment, but also ensure the overall aesthetics; (5) If the corrosion of large washing equipment used for a long time is found to be serious, if the manufacturer has warranty maintenance service, it is better to contact the manufacturer for return repair; The reason why large laundry equipment rusts is mostly due to the environment of the laundry room and the lack of reasonable maintenance during use. Xinhuizi washing company reminds everyone that when the washing machine has begun to rust, users should pay enough attention and take preventive measures as soon as possible to avoid the spread of rusty area and affect the service life of washing equipment.
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