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Anti-deformation and moth-eating of industrial washing machine after cleaning

by:GOWORLD     2020-03-08
Anti-deformation of industrial washing machine after cleaning

Anti-deformation of industrial washing machine after cleaning should use appropriate clothes to hang clothes or stack clothes reasonably.

clothing supports bamboo, wood, iron, plastic and other varieties. Plastic clothes supports are divided into ordinary type and widened type. The widened clothes support is suitable for suits, overcoats, leather clothes, etc. , which can prevent shoulder deformation. Ordinary thin clothes can be used for short-term underwear drying and long-term collection of trousers. Sweaters are easy to stretch and deform. It is best not to hang them when collecting them. They should be collected in a flat and stacked form. In order to prevent insects and mildew, some families use modern vacuum packaging machines to compress the clothes and place them, which does not occupy space, but also avoids moisture and mildew and insects during storage.

clothes collection method after cleaning by Industrial Washing Machine

1. Clothes should be washed before Collection the equipment is washed clean and dried, conditional best ironing once, in order to kill insects and sterilization.

2. The Cabinet for storing clothes should be clean and dry, and the clothes should be put into the cabinet after being spread out. Paper should be lined around and at the bottom of the cabinet. The camphor balls or camphor tablets should be wrapped in white tissue paper, and do not let the clothes directly touch the box and camphor balls. 3. Dyed clothes and new cloth should be washed before collection to prevent embrittlement. 4. After the clothes are in the sun, be sure to put mothballs after it is cool. Camphor will damage the fastness of the fabric and even dissolve the fabric into small holes.
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