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Application of common washing equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-02-29
Usually, people take industrial washing machines and corresponding auxiliary equipment, such as special dehydrators, dryers, ironing machines and other cities as professional laundry equipment. Among them, industrial washing machines include functional industrial washing machines with side door opening or front door opening and automatic and semi-automatic industrial washing machines with dual functions of washing and dehydration. Dual-function industrial washing machines include neutral fixed elution dual-purpose machines and full suspension frequency conversion speed regulation washing machines. In recent years, the new type of elution and drying integrated multi-function washing machine has also been introduced to the market. As mentioned earlier, auxiliary washing equipment mainly refers to the special centrifugal dehydrator matched with functional washing machines. In addition, considering the needs of pre-treatment of washing guest clothes and finishing after ironing, professional washing auxiliary equipment also includes various types of ironing equipment, such as automatic or semi-automatic ironing machine, various types of ironing platforms and auxiliary equipment such as stain removal machines. We know that due to the wide range of business designed by the laundry industry, for some special fabrics ( Such as heavy down jackets and winter clothes after dirt accumulates) For some fabrics with special needs, professional laundry factories often use horizontal single-washing industrial washing machines with medium and small capacity. This type of washing machine is simple in structure, reliable in operation and low in price. However, because it does not have dehydration function and needs to be equipped with a special dehydrator, it is not only inconvenient to operate, but also has high labor intensity. The application status of professional washing equipment with different capacities should also be different. 70 ~ 100kg capacity full-automatic washing machine, suitable for washing cloth that needs ironing, medium capacity (50 ~ 70 kg) The full-automatic washing machine is suitable for washing towel fabrics with high water content, while 15 ~ 30kg medium and small capacity industrial washing machines are suitable for washing guest clothes, staff uniforms and other clothes. This application condition of industrial washing machines with different capacities not only takes into account the washing degree and safety of clothes, but also takes into account the vibration condition and Operation Safety of washing equipment during dehydration. Of course, the division of different capacity industrial washing machine application is not absolute.
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