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Are You Ready For Spring Cleaning

by:GOWORLD     2020-08-21
The time has came once again the big Spring Cleaning awaits you. For most housewives this is a nightmare, all the postponed chores have to be done. An this takes time, I remember once it took us three whole days to finish with everything. The fastest way to deal with all the work at hand is to involve the whole family in the cleaning procedure and have a schedule. Also you have to know how are you going to clean the house - with commercial detergents or green Eco-friendly cleaners. Distribute The Tasks Amongst Family Members But first thing's first - how to get everyone involved, it is quite hard to separate the children form the video games and your husband from the TV. Don't worry and don't get frustrated, there is a very effective technique I often use. Offer them something they want - that party your daughter wants to go to - done, the newest game your some wants to play - done. As for the husband there are different approaches, but I promise I'll make him a surprise and he's into the cleaning. There are some things you have to do before you prepare the army for invasion - like making a schedule, distributing the chores and purchasing the right cleaning products. Start with the detergents, because this is the easy part - the best are the organic or homemade ones, because they're most unlikely to contain dangerous chemicals. Nevertheless you should pay attention to the label and instructions, especially for a sign that says 'trade secret'. This is the legal ways companies mask the used chemicals which are in the detergents. My personal advice is to purchase more cleaning solutions - prepare a set for each room. That way everyone can clean a room and the work will be done faster. Don't forget about the protection - gloves and masks are in order no matter you're using organic cleaning solutions. Depending on the age of your children they can preform different tasks, but it is best if they're teenagers. Most specialists say you should always clean form the top towards the bottom, therefore after placing the cleaning kits into the rooms go upstairs and divide the rooms. Of course you'll take the toughest one - bathroom, after all you're used to cleaning it. By the time you're finished the other family members should be done too. Before you star the cleaning I recommend you do a little briefing about how to preform the tasks at hand. Also don't forget to open the windows, because ventilation is important. One of the most tough things you'll have to deal with is the living-room the carpets, rugs and upholstery. If you're lucky the mats will be washable and all you have to do is put them into the washing machine on delicate cycle. If they're moisture sensitive and require dry cleaning, better call the professionals. And if you don't want to risk damaging your carpets and upholstery I recommend you hire cleaning company offering variety of package services for the entire home. That way you'll avoid any unpleasant accidents like broken windows or dishes, over wet carpet, coloured clothes etc. Moreover no matter what you've promised to your children they will do everything they can to finish the tasks faster and return to their normal activities. Therefore they will mos certainly scamp the cleaning and you'll have to do it all over again. Therefore a professional cleaning company is your best option, you'll save time and money.
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