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Automatic washing weaning failure

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-23

high automatic washing can't take off a specific failure in performance for washing, rinsing, take off, uniform, and other functions are normal, but the cycle high to take off the program, the machine will automatically stop, for this failure what is going on? And how can we solve?

in general cause of fully automatic washing cannot be the cause of the high speed, main uniform is not normal, frequency startup time is too short, or v belt caused by aging. With uniform abnormal means high before take off the uniform operation, not under the environment of high water level by the washing of the winding cloth grass fully and evenly scattered, resulting in linen intertwined, and then the actual high migration is likely to cause centrifugal force, vibration is too large, touches of fully automatic washing polarization of the switch, causing the unexpected stop of the machine. To the solution of the fault is the uniform to high water level, ensure uniform is normal.

about configuration, this says is the electric board, inverter, motor, bearing, oil seal, valve, etc. , the application of the parts, only with me, we can see from the various brands of automatic washing differences. Theory of configuration, nature also is able to choose good brand of components is high. Like the inverter and motor, nature is adopt imported frequency converter and motor than using common domestic accessories for good and durable, the corresponding natural is higher price.

in addition to these, when you have some special requirements, fully automatic washing price will have certain floating, like you have asked about tube material, such as you have asked about the way of heating, for example you have special requirements for its into the drainage ways. And so on when you have special requirements, then the manufacturing cost is higher, natural corresponding price nature also.

so, ask if the client list of a fully automatic washing price, is really can't answer, too many factors to consider, only understanding, we can give you an accurate offer. Hisin is a fully automatic washing design and sales in the integration of enterprises, we provide you with more services, more affordable products. Is not only a normal product, we can also provide non-standard product customization service for you, as long as you put forward specific requirements, so we can tailor a to belong to you for your fully automatic washing.

frequency conversion start time is too short is refers to, for fully automatic washing, its each execution are allocated by the frequency converter, we in the design of high speed startup time, if the Settings are too short, so it may cause cause the inverter instantaneous overcurrent protection, thereby blocking the output current, and a closed electrical protection, which can lead to unexpected stop machine. For we might as well with the adjustment of starting and accelerating time of frequency converter, to ensure that the frequency conversion start in a linear flexible start mode, in 10 - general Settings About 12 seconds to choose.

for v belt in the aging, because of the v belt relaxation damage, is eventually lead to high washing off the motor of rotating speed is missing, and not high. The processing we need to change with the label of v belt.

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