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Buy Singer Washing Machine Through Online Shopping

by:GOWORLD     2020-08-13
A well known name in home appliances, Singer - a Pakistan based corporate house has started trading with the sewing machines and after emerging as the most successful sewing machine the brand diversified the range of its products and came full-fledged into home appliances and two wheeler market, and we talk about the home appliances industry, singer captures the largest retail network in south Asia now carrying the products like singer Audio & video products, Singer cooling products, Singer Gas Appliances, Singer Washing machines, Singer Sewing & Knitting machines, Singer Generators & last but not the least Singer Small appliances like microwaves, irons, kettles, toasters etc. So now broadening its horizons, the brand singer is one of the best washing machine providers in the continent Asia, at the moment there are four automatic & semi automatic washing machine models taken out by the brand which are unique in overall performance but the features, functions & capacity vary on the basis of model chosen by the customers, and when you are going for singer washing machine then you don't need to take pain about the budget, the starting models starts with Rs 8000 while the top end model costs around Rs 25,850, so you can decide your budget and requirements and bring home an all new Singer washing machine. The existing singer washing machine models are SWM 60NDA, Punch Wash 130,SWM 9550 & SWM 72NDA, talking individually about the models then SWM 60NDA has got the pretty good look painted out in dual color scheme, it has been awarded with the 6.0 kg capacity wash tub and powered with 365 watt motor, it's a semi automatic washing machine that is so compact and light weighted and costs around 8000 INR. The second model of singer washing machine Punch Wash 130 is an aerodynamic designed, 7 kg wash load capacity washing machine which is loaded with the powerful multi pulsator and multi wash programs help out our clothing or laundry to be washed in the best possible and faster manner, it costs 13,950 INR, the third model SWM 72NDA is known as the upper version of the very first model SWM 60NDA, that holds the wash load capacity of 7.2kg and operates the multi function with the help of provided multi wash programs, large ribbed pulsator, mesh lint filter and water level selectors in order to serve you quite cleaned clothing or laundry, the fourth and top end. The model of singer washing machine is SWM 9550 which is a fully automatic washing machine carrying the wash load capacity of 6.0 kg and when we talk of the functioning then you would surely love making washed your clothes in it, it brings 8 wash programs and six water level, so now washing any sort of fabric in the best possible manner is pretty easier with this model, the other advantageous features provided with this washing machine are automatic water injection and drain system, single tub rinse & spin function, stainless steel tub, auto error correction, environment protection, Dynamic soak, LED show, LCD display to show off the functions, Child lock and other practically huge number of functions make it an all advanced, adorable washing machine to have, so as the cost goes a bit higher, you can buy this model of singer washing machine in Rs. 28,850.
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