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Can use more energy efficient industrial washing machine?

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-14

a, standard operation:

operating industrial washing machine is should according to the instructions we provided and combined with our daily use of laundry equipment in the summary of tips to regulate their own steps, because only the specification can we efficiently.

2, reasonable catharsis:

industrial washing machine washing when the loading fabric want right amount, here is the right amount of industrial washing machine capacity, 80% of the 100 kg of industrial washing machine, for example, it is the best loading capacity is 80 kg, too little loading capacity, energy drain, on the contrary, a washing is too much, not only increases when catharsis, contributed to, and will cause the motor overload both increased power consumption, and easy to make the motor damage.

three, the choice of detergent:

detergent should choose professional detergent, because professional industrial washing machine is not only on the scouring ability better than ordinary washing powder, and consumption and less, but here is what need reminds is due to the detergent chemical products, so we must be moderate in consumption.

4, right amount water:

when industrial washing machine washing water, moderate shoulds not be too much or too little. Water too much, can increase the water pressure of wave plates, aggravate the burden of motor, increase power consumption; Water is too little, and can affect washing clothes when the up-and-down, increase the washing time, increase power consumption.

5, the reasonable grasp the washing time:

industrial washing machine washing time for 50 minutes, correctly grasp the washing time, avoid invalid action, clothes XiJingDu, primarily with clothes of the variety and concentration on the degree of dirt, detergent, and with the washing is not proportional to the time. In excess of the prescribed, washing time, XiJingDu also won't have big increase, while the electricity consumed in vain.

6, industrial washing machine quality test:

some special industries such as chemical industry, printing and dyeing industry, etc. , has a cleaning job, need high temperature treatment on raw materials, some with adding acid, alkaline, industrial washing machine is derived from the overall weight machine steel choice, if material choose wrong machines bladder rupture shaking big cannot work normally, divided into 201 stainless steel. 202. 304. All sorts of model such as 312, the higher the grade, the higher the price.

the washing drum speed instability, whether the whole machine vibration after the machine into the water, whether machines outside tube leakage, leakage

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