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Capacity and technical characteristics of hotel industrial washing machine

Capacity and technical characteristics of hotel industrial washing machine


The capacity of hotel industrial washing machines can be divided into two types. One is a small hotel industrial washing machine with a capacity of less than 50kg. The other is a large hotel industrial washing machine with a capacity of more than 100 kg. In addition, there is a rated capacity above the trademark, which is also of great significance. When washing clothes according to the rated capacity, the hotel industrial washing machine can achieve the advantages of smooth operation, no entanglement of clothes, cleaner and more thorough washing. If the rated capacity is exceeded or the capacity of clothes exceeds this standard, it does not mean that clothes cannot be washed, but it means that the hotel industrial washing machine may not reach the ideal cleanliness level during the operation and cleaning process. During the cleaning process of the hotel industrial washing machine, the capacity exceeding the standard will affect the rotation speed of the standard motor during the operation, so it may affect the excessive operation of many equipment.

For many washing places, the hotel industrial washing machine is the first choice for cleaning a large number of clothes. It can not only clean clothes but also be used in a wide range, including wool, large objects, chemical fibers, cotton and linen, jeans, towels and quilt covers. Moreover, the degree of cleaning is also very guaranteed, which can achieve a faster cleaning effect. When the capacity of hotel industrial washing machines is different, the problem of capacity will also affect the cleaning effect of hotel industrial washing machines.

The larger capacity is suitable for washing more clothes. For large laundry, selecting such a washing machine can improve the laundry efficiency, and it can save a lot of costs when operating according to standards. For those small laundries, it is recommended to choose the washing equipment with smaller capacity. As the saying goes, make the best use of everything. Only by choosing the right goods can we achieve such a perfect effect. If a large machine is selected to wash a small amount of clothes, or a small machine is selected to operate with overload, adverse effects will be produced.

Structural characteristics and relevant technical parameters of hotel industrial washing machine.

60kg capacity 60kg; Roller diameter 1066mm; The drum depth is 609mm; Washing speed: 37r/min; Evenly distributed speed 55r/min; Intermediate stripping speed 350r/min; High speed of the first stage: 470r/min; High speed of the second stage: 600r/min; High speed of the third stage: 800r/min.

Structure and performance characteristics: 1. The diameter and depth ratio (generally 1.4~1.7) of the drum with large values ensure excellent cleaning effect.

2. The single motor frequency conversion stepless speed regulation stepwise linear dehydration not only makes the equipment run smoothly with low noise, but also has high dehydration efficiency, which shortens the drying time and reduces energy consumption.

3. The information spring cushioning and shock absorption system can effectively absorb the strong inertial centrifugal force and vibration generated during high lift off, and reduce the impact load on the ground.

4. The stainless steel materials and aviation molding technology used in the outer and inner drums of hotel industrial washing machine equipment ensure the dynamic balance of the drum and the anti-corrosion performance of the equipment.

5. The electrical control device adopts waterproof design, the control system adopts microcomputer, and the prefabrication and modification procedures are simple, convenient and reliable.

6. External 5 detergent additives to meet the needs of different detergents and additives

7. The transmission system adopts an automatic belt tightness adjuster, which is gearless and has no coupler. The transmission is stable and reliable.

8. Soft double anti motion sealing technology and bearing automatic oil injection lubrication system, excellent sealing performance makes the equipment more durable.

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