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Carpet Cleaning Methods Information

by:GOWORLD     2020-08-10
You can clean the carpets in different-different ways, but it is necessary to be aware about the conditions in which the carpets are. Cleaning methods should be used according to nature, material and condition of the carpets. Here are some cleaning methods which will help you to keep your carpet clean. Choosing the proper cleaning method is very important. Some systems may leave residues which defeats the whole purpose of cleaning. Here are several methods of carpet cleaning. Buffer Method In this method cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet. Letting the carpets soak in the chemicals, then take a buffer and run it across the carpets. This is one of the easiest and best working carpet cleaning methods. Carpet Shampoo Method: A carpet shampoo must contain a very foamy chemical. The most common ingredient is sodium lauryl sulfate. This chemical exhibit very high and stable foam and are only fair detergents. Two types of machines are used for this process: (1) Cylindrical Foam (2) Rotary Shampoo. The Cylindrical Foam Shampoo machine uses an air compressor to create dry foam before the foam is applied to the carpet and then it is agitated with a revolving cylindrical brush .This method will leave dust particles trapped into the carpet pile. The Rotary Shampoo method uses a rotary floor machine, sprays shampoo onto the carpet from a tank, and a rotary brush whips the detergent to foam. In this method, detergent solution is released onto the carpet using a rotary brush, whose action converts the solution into foam and works into the carpet. After drying, vacuuming is done which removes the residue containing encapsulated soil and dust particles. Foams: Foam is generally applied onto the carpet, usually from aerosol containers, and rubbed in with a dry sponge. Vacuuming is done after drying it, once dried. Since foam uses little water, there is no danger of over wetting and the connected complications. Dry Cleaning Method: In this method, dry product is broadcasted over the area to be cleaned. Then a rotating brush is used to force the dry cleaning product in contact with the soil. After the carpet dries, vacuuming is required to remove the product and loosened soil. This method is used to attract and absorb dust particles and soil. Liquids dissolve the soil and this soil/detergent/solvent mixture is absorbed into the carrier and is then vacuumed up. This method has the advantage of no drying time for interim maintenance, since little water is used. If your carpet is in bad condition, you must contact professional cleaners.They will provide you the best servies according to your carpet.
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