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Carpet Cleaning - Techniques Used to Clean Carpets

by:GOWORLD     2020-08-11
Carpets will always accumulate dirt and dust over time, regardless of how careful you are. A dirty carpet may also accumulate bacteria, making it unhygienic. Regular carpet cleaning is therefore necessary to remove the dirt and the microscopic organisms that may be present. There is a variety of carpet cleaning techniques, and the method used to clean is dependent on the material of the carpet and the type of stain involved. The most popular cleaning techniques are: Hot Water Extraction Also known as steam cleaning, this technique uses hot water under pressure to stir up the fiber, dissolving the natural adhesive properties of the dirt or stain. This loosens the dirt, making it easier to extract. Typically, this technique involves applying a cleaning agent on the carpet, stirring up using a brush and then finally rinsing. Steam can also be used to dissolve the dirt. Shampooing Technique The shampooing method makes use of detergents and water to remove dust and dirt from the fabric of the carpet. The detergents and water are applied and after agitating the carpet, the mixture is rinsed off. Shampooing is a pretty straightforward technique, which makes it popular among do-it-yourself enthusiasts. However, it is the least effective of all the techniques because the microbes and dirt may not dissolve completely. Dry Cleaning If you would rather not wait for your carpet to dry, dry cleaning technique is your best option. The technique makes use of a powder with a high affinity for dirt; this is applied on the surface of the carpet and worked into the fabric using a rotating brush machine. The cleaning compound is then removed through application of heat and pressure after it has dissolved the dirt. This technique is among the most modern carpet cleaning technologies and is very effective. Dry Foam Technique The dry foam technique is a hybrid of shampooing and dry cleaning. The idea of the technique is to use very little water. The method is usually used on fabrics that could be damaged by water. A cleaning agent is mixed with hot water and left to foam. The foam is then applied on the carpet and worked into the fabric using a brush. Once the dirt has dissolved into the foam, a vacuum hose is used to extract the mixture. Bonnet Cleaning Technique The aim of this technique is to restore the appearance of the carpet and thus only the surface of the carpet that is cleaned. A cleaning solution is applied on the carpet and a motorized machine with rotary pads used to extract the moisture from the surface. The technique is generally used in the commercial and industrial setting to clean carpets in areas with heavy traffic. Choosing The Best Cleaning Technique Choosing the right carpet cleaning method is important, both for effectiveness and to ensure it is not damaged. Depending on the carpet being cleaned, one particular method may be more effective than others. Understanding the benefits of all the methods and then choosing the one that best works for you is the right approach when choosing the method to use.
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