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Carpet Shampooing and Dry-Cleaning Basics

by:GOWORLD     2020-08-08
Carpet shampooers are something that many people do not think of these days. While more and more people are starting to rent instead of buy it is becoming that no one thinks of carpet cleaning unless you are a landlord who in in-between tenants. This of course is an exaggeration, but we are going to tell you about cleaning your carpets anyways. One of the first things you need to know is the different methods of carpet cleaning that are out there. This will be a comprehensive guide to what each method does, uses, and involves. Shampooing: There are two methods for carpet shampooing. The first is cylindrical foam this means that foam is created by a compressor and then worked into the carpet after the carpet is agitated by cylindrical brushes. The brushes are how this method gets the name, because it is worked into the carpet by the brushes working in a circular pattern. The next method is called Rotary shampoo.This method uses a standard rotary floor machine commonly used to strip waxed floors. This is discouraged by carpet companies because it can lead to over soaking, shrinking and odors. Usually a dispenser tank squirts shampoo onto the carpet and the rotary brush agitates it and turns it to foam, working it deep into the fibers but being very rough on the carpet. Dry Cleaning: There are two different kinds of cleaning methods involved in this category. One is Carpet absorbent cleaners, these are referred to as dry cleaning because it requires very little to no water. It is made up of a compound that contains small amounts of water, detergent, and solvent. You sprinkle it onto the carpet, work it in with a brush or machine, and then vacuum it up. There is a common problem of it reappearing after warm water extraction. The other method is carbonated cleaning. This method is similar to the rotary style, but uses less water. Again this can destroy your carpet so please use caution when thinking of this method. These are just a couple of the methods that many people have used to clean their carpets. This is important so remember to look into things before using any method as it could leave harmful and lasting stains on your carpet or cause extreme fiber damage. Good luck getting your carpet cleaned.
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