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Cheap Laundry Machines Could Cost You Dearly

by:GOWORLD     2020-08-02
Is your commercial laundry running well today? It is good if it is but not much fun for your business if machines start breaking down. Indeed a single laundry machine breakdown could actually see your business lose so many customers that your business goes under. You may not see any danger arising from the maintenance and servicing of your commercial laundry machines until it is too late. After all even at home we are always reluctant to pay out money for maintenance agreements that we think are overpriced and not needed, particularly when you think you have spent wisely and bought reliable equipment. The problem is that whilst at home if your washing machine breaks down then you can go around to a friends to use theirs, or a launderette, however in a commercial laundry then that is just not an option. So if you are in the remotest bit worried as to whether your current commercial laundry equipment repair service is sufficient for your needs then maybe it is time to start considering a few worst case situations. As an example it is great if your laundry repair service is available to call out 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, however it is also vital to find out what level of spares your repair service carries as well as how long they will take to get them in should they not be in stock. This is because a fast call out service is no good at all if the parts to fix the fault take two or three weeks to arrive, by which time you will most likely be out of business. Likewise a supplier that has a huge stock of spare parts, but only operates a repair service 9 to 5 is not going to be much good to you either. You need a combination of the two or ideally one supplier that offer 365 day, 24/7 call out hours and has access to a wealth of spare parts as well. It is also often the case that cheap machines can cause you long term problems, as they maybe little known brands that are hard to service, repair and with costly spare parts. So it can often be the case that it is better to spend a little more to ensure that you buy a quality machine in the first place as well as ensuring that you choose the right commercial laundry repair service as well.
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