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Choose how much of a suitable hotel cleaning equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-01

hotel in more than 20 kg laundry equipment refers to the capacity of industrial washing machine. This type of washing machine for washing performance is strong, durable, and so was deeply loved by the hotel. For this type of industrial washing machine is 20 kg, 30 kg, 50 kg. 。 。 A variety of types such as 200 kg, then for each hotel, buy much right?

in general, for hotel, want to know how much to buy specifications of the hotel cleaning equipment, the first accounting out their own daily demand of grass cloth washing and daily work time, more end in according to the data to select appropriate specifications of washing machine.

for each hotel, the demand for accounting daily linen washing, more direct way is according to enter the first rate to calculate the average number of linen to be processed in a single day. Like your hotel has 100 rooms, the occupancy rate is 70%, so the daily need to deal with room for 70 rooms. For 70 hotel standard rooms, each room cloth grass is this ( Bed sheet, bedding bag, two pillow cases, towels, bath towel) The total weight of them around in 2. 5 kg or so. Then the amount of 70 rooms is 70 x 2. 5 = 175 kg. With our hotel work 8 hours a day to calculate to the laundry equipment, so the single hours required for processing of linen weight: 175 present 8 = 21. 875, rounded is 22 kg.

the hotel cleaning equipment, for the work cycle time will be about 50 minutes every time, and add material such as time, counted as an hour we assessed a cycle. And the washing work shall be the larger capacity by about 80%, then the view 30 kilograms of hotel washing equipment ( 30×0. 8 = 24 kg) The amount of washing is much closer to a total wash. That is to say the 100 - room hotel to buy 30 kg type hotel is suitable for laundry equipment.

the current so you don't know to buy what kind of hotel and washing equipment, so might as well the formula according to the above for conversion, more eventually draw a suitable type of his hotel washing equipment.

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