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Choosing Ladies Golf Apparel

by:GOWORLD     2020-08-05
When I was in school, I knew a guy who wore only blue. All the time. Said that he did his own laundry and it made it easier. Everything could be thrown in together. It colored his outlook on life, though. He was more somber, almost depressed. All reflective of the blue he wore. Ladies, your choices in golf apparel can be reflective of more than style and season. Your moods may show through your choices in ladies golf apparel, or the choices may change your mood. Have you considered that? Grays or blue are somber colors, while reds are exciting and fiery. We've for years made these associations in room decoration and ties, but what about ladies golf apparel? Many studies have been made over the years regarding color and its affects on moods, on presentation and people's responses to you. There are many charts available, articles written, and expert analysis available, but many are related to business. How do things apply to ladies golf apparel? Yellow can be sunny and energetic while blue a solemn, trusting and peaceful color. Red is for commanding attention and orange known for showing a vibrant excitement. What does this mean for ladies golf apparel? Simple. If your game is lousy, you might not want to wear a color that makes you feel good on the golf course. Sticking with earth tones like browns and greens will help you fade into the landscape. Yellows can be energetic, as said, but if the group around you is bothered by bright colors, perhaps the more serene blue would help with their game, particularly if you have that person in your crowd ready to fling the club, the ball and the rest of their bag into the nearest water hazard. I know what you're saying right now. Isn't this too far? I have said the same, but read an experience examples where these changes were palpable, both in mood and atmosphere. One case tells about where a manager was puzzled by the people in his office complaining about the temperature. They were always cold. On advice from another department head, he had the walls repainted from blue to a light peach color. Suddenly, the sweaters were gone and people were happy, but the thermostat had never been touched. The effects color hold are subliminal, occurring on a deeper level in our mind than surface thought. I didn't have to tell you that blue is a serene color, I'm sure. I knew that yellow held a vibrancy inherent to energy. I knew that black alone held a dark feeling, but black and white combined was classy and indicated an upscale feel. For more information on this, just type 'Color Psychology' in your search bar. On a whim, I did and Google provided 166,000 results. It's safe to say that this will be a sufficient amount of information for any reader. Color can be warm and cold, easy on the eye or striking. The question is, what feeling do you want to evoke today? Think wisely when choosing your ladies golf apparel for a game. For a great selection of ladies golf apparel in a variety of colors, take a look at Bella Golf Wear. With the development of golf, more and more people love this sport, at the same time, they are eager to join it in. In order to get a higher score, you should make sure that you have the right equipment. However, how to find the right one that fits you most is not easy, at this moment, maybe http://www.usmadegolf.com/ can give you a hand. What's more, every golfer's body and swing are unique to that individual and that's what http://www.hotgolfnews.com/ is all about. People who play golf must know golf equipment is a very important club, so this golf site will provide you the best golf sets that you need.
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