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Choosing Luxury over Economy in Hotels and Guest

by:GOWORLD     2020-08-01
As I have lived in the north of England all my life, a friend recently asked me to recommend hotels and guest houses in Bradford for an intended short stay. I am no expert in accommodation but I have stayed in a fair number of hotels and guest houses, Bradford as well as many hotels and guest houses, Leeds. One of the things that I have learned is that if it is at all possible, you should always try to get a personal recommendation, or at least check the local reviews for the place you are planning to stay at. There are times when we need to watch every single penny and then there are the times when we are feeling a little more stable and feel that we can afford to spend more than the bare minimum. When it comes to our spending habits we tend to form them quite early on in life and stick to them. For most of us, saving for a rainy day is important but we should also learn to be able to enjoy any extra money we have and to spend it on ourselves. If I am honest, I will have to admit that I had generally stayed in hotels which were in the middle to economy range and I also have to admit that there is a big difference, and that luxury was something which I could certainly get used to. An economy hotel offers the basic things such as bed, wardrobe, TV, bathroom and maybe tea and coffee making facilities. When you get to the higher price range, you extra things such as bathrobes, slippers, better quality toiletries, irons and laundry facilities and even something called a pillow menu! Some of these services include swimming pools and fitness centres, along with spa facilities. There is also a wider range of things such as childcare facilities and entertainments, both in the hotel and the grounds. The sports and activities available are also a lot more refined and provide more equipment for the guests to use. All of these things will make your stay more enjoyable and make you wish to return the same hotel another time. Another thing which will be a deciding factor as to where you choose to spend your time and your money is the quality of the service you receive from the staff of the hotel or the guest house you use. You want the staff to be polite and efficient as well as being discreet and obliging. One of the best hotels I ever stayed in was a small one in Devon and when the waiter found out that I had run out of camera film for an early trip in the morning, he went to the next village and bought me some film and then would not accept payment either! Things such as this will affect the way that you view hotels and guest houses in Leeds and in other places around the country, and the world.
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