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Cleaning and lubrication treatment of washing equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-02-29
To judge the cleanliness of a washing equipment, we have two methods, one is visual method and the other is standard method: first is visual method, the so-called visual method, that is to say, through visual inspection, we can observe how clean the clothes are after washing by laundry equipment. Generally speaking, we artificially make clothes on the clothes before washing, then it will be dry-cleaned, so that we can observe the solution before and after the dry-cleaning of the opposite side. The purpose of using washing plant equipment in hotels, hotels and washing plants is to clean clothes, and the cleanliness of large-scale washing plant equipment is also an important standard for us to judge whether the washing plant equipment is of high quality. The second is the standard measurement method. The standard measurement method is to divide the eight-character Wool contaminated cloth on the standard test piece, let the equipment of the large washing plant dry clean it, and then measure the whiteness value of the contaminated cloth before and after washing step by step, then the cleanliness is calculated at the same international level to judge the percentage. Generally speaking, the higher this value is, the higher the cleanliness of equipment in large washing plants is. To ensure that the sanitary isolation laundry equipment can last for a long time without failure, users need to take careful care of the equipment of the sanitary isolation washing factory. It is very important to pay attention to bearing oil, spindle bearing oil is a special lubricating oil for spindle bearings of precision machine tools and equipment similar to sanitary isolation washing plants. It plays a very important role in ensuring the working accuracy and service performance of the spindle and prolonging its service life. 1. Appropriate viscosity and good viscosity-temperature characteristics in order to prevent the temperature of the main shaft of the equipment in the sanitary isolation washing plant from being too high and thus causing thermal deformation, affecting the machining accuracy or causing poor lubrication of the bearing, according to the spindle bearing structure, rotating speed and bearing clearance, etc. , lubricating oil with appropriate temperature should be selected and required to have good viscosity-temperature characteristics to prevent large changes in spindle working temperature and ambient temperature, the change of viscosity is too large to affect its lubricating performance. 2. Good lubricity in order to keep a uniform oil film between the contact surface of the main shaft and the bearing, and the oil film will not be damaged when the main shaft starts or stops moving to generate impact load, maintaining good lubrication performance plays a role in reducing friction and friction heat, reducing spindle temperature rise and ensuring machining accuracy, and requires good lubrication performance. 3. Good oxidation resistance when the main shaft of the washing plant adopts the circulating lubrication method, the bearing oil of the main shaft is required to be used for a long time without deterioration, so it is required to have good oxidation resistance. 4. Good antirust property since the oil product will inevitably be mixed with condensed water in the air or machine tool coolant in the working process of the spindle lubrication system, it is required that the oil product has good antirust property.
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