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Clothes Airer - The Slow Road To Freedom

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-16
Fans who have the famous Harley Davidson logo tattooed on their arm, are said to be living the freedom value of the brand of Harley Davidson.
Similarly divisions of the prestigious brand cars are considered themselves ideas fed with the powerful brand that says look at me, I am successful, independent and powerful.
The fashion industry thrives labels with designs creating a loyal following. Names like, Dolce and Gabbana (D+G) Calvin Klein, Gucci and Versace. In the luxury goods world, names like Louis Viutton is the luggage to have with the Gucci accessories. Cartier watches for men and Jimmy choos for the ladies. In the world of brands it strives to give 'meaning' to our humdrum existences. It's a global way of being accepted, part of the middle classes or apparently so.
The images portrayed by advertising assures us that when we purchase a particular item we participate in the brand ethos. Spirit is similar with the sale of branded merchandise, a mega 50 million dollar industry.
However brands actually enslave us. They limit us individually to that brands identity and not our own. The road to freedom is in believing in our selves. It called self actualisation.
Owning your first clothes airer is a clear step to taking charge of yourself and your life.
Instead of using a tumble dryer you make an independent decision not to use one. The clothes dryer also introduces you to a much slower and much more relaxed rhythm. No more frantic exchanges between washing machine and tumbled dryer. Just simply the slow and steady transfer from the washing machine to the clothes airer, and a check on the clothes now and again.
The clothes airer allows you to remove items as they dry, no more burning the laundry or having to remove filters, and no more threats of tumble dryer fires if you forget to clean the filters - or the unwanted lint.
The natural timed rhythm of drying clothes on an airer is ideal. Laundry auto washed over night can be dried during the day while your at work or out with the kids.
In a way its like learning your job, at first you may feel discontented, you will have new time on your hands, perhaps to take up that cherished hobby, bake some cakes, maybe you could invite some friends round for cup of tea and find out the latest gossip, or simply have the time sit and relax for just a few minutes with no noise.
Certainly a clothes dryer is slower but it brings so much more freedom.

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