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Clothes Airers Have Fun Without the Sun

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-20
'A holiday in the sun' conjures up images of sun, sea, sangria and whatever! Sounds like a whole load of fun to me. I have toured the Greek Islands spent holidays on Rhodes, Evia, Cyprus, Ibiza and Majorca so I can confirm that sun usually means fun. 
A clothes airer sounds traditional and practical. What it means today is an introduction to a natural drying rhythm which has zero cost and saves your carbon footprint. 
Many of us use tumble dryers or rely on good weather to dry on the line. Our weather is unreliable and our tumble dryer a hungry CO2 beast in the corner. Every time you use a Laundromat or home tumble dryer you increase your carbon footprint. Every time you use a clothes airer you don't. 
There are different types of airer. Free standing airers are portable and ideal on sunny days on the patio veranda or balcony. They can be moved around to catch the sun. 
Wall mounted airers are ideal in all weathers even when the sunny days reduce and winter loams. So good bye to piles of laundry waiting in baskets for the tumble dryer or Laundromat. Much easier to hang the laundry on the airer and simply walk away. It's the idea of a natural rhythm that appeals to all. 
Instead of hanging around to separate clothes so they don't cook in a tumble dryer. Instead of separating polyesters from cottons you simply have no restrictions. Without restrictions you can have more time. With more time on your hands much more fun. 
Airers are also available as hangers as washing lines and as towel rails. They also come as mini floor standing airers for use in the bath, ideal for the drip drying of fine woollens. No longer tied to the home like the washer woman of old we can make plans for the day. No longer shackled to the washing tumble drying cycle we can pursue any favourite pastime. This gives us a sense of independent fun. 
The airer is a product that never stops being available to dry. One day a clothes airer drying system will be fitted as standard. Imagine the fun we will all have then.

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