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Commercial Laundry Equipment - Specialised Equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-29
You may well have an iron and washer dryer at home. However whilst these items may well suffice for even the needs of a very busy household, they would not remotely stand up for use in a commercial laundry business. Given the rigors that a commercial laundry puts on machines you need specialised equipment that is purpose built for the job.
Load Capacity
As an example commercial washing machines will have a load capacity from 5 kg (About the maximum your washing machine at home would take!) up to 120 kg or even more. Also good commercial laundry equipment are mainly built out of stainless steel. However just like your home machine they feature a variety of programs to cope with different washes and fabrics.
They are always designed to use the minimal amount of water and electricity.
High Efficient Iron Rollers
A commercial laundry will also use highly efficient roller irons that make very light work out of ironing large items, with some machines having rollers up to two metres in length. Some even have automatic feeders, folders and stacker's. Your home iron does not offer such features.
Or for ironing more delicate items such as shirts you can buy flat bed ironing machines, which enable items to be pressed in a matter of seconds not minutes.
Demanding Equipment For Demanding Hours
The demands of a commercial laundry are immense with many companies relying on an overnight turnaround. Accordingly all of the laundry equipment has to be built to suit, as it is not uncommon for a commercial laundry to run twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.
Identical Load Speeds/Times
Like the washing machines, commercial tumble driers are an essential part of the laundry process, as the faster items are dried the faster they can be ironed. The commercial tumble driers also feature similar capacities to the washing machines. Indeed when buying commercial laundry equipment it is a good idea to buy washing machines and tumble driers that have an identical load, otherwise you may a mismatch in the laundering process.
The Power Of Gas Heaters
Unlike your tumble drier at home that is powered by electricity, a lot of commercial tumble driers are powered by gas heaters due to the high throughput they have to cope with, along with the demand to dry clothes as fast as possible.
Specialist Laundry Equipment Is A Must!
So you can see that commercial laundry equipment is very different to the items that you use at home. Even the demands of a very small hotel would see your home washing machine breakdown very rapidly. So if you need to set up a small or large laundry then make sure you buy the laundry equipment from a specialist.

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