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Configuration and utilization of laundry equipment in large and medium-sized hotels, hotels and hospitals; better use of adjustable

Configuration and utilization of laundry equipment in large and medium-sized hotels, hotels and hospitals; better use of adjustable


1、 Laundry equipment configuration of large and medium-sized hotels

1. Large and medium-sized hotels have higher requirements for laundry rooms. Star rated hotels aim to provide guests with good service, whether it is catering, entertainment or the cleanliness of the room environment. For hotels, a large amount of cloth is washed every day, so the selection of laundry equipment in hotels is crucial. The suitable equipment can not only clean the linen with energy conservation and efficiency, but also save the operating cost for the enterprise.

2. The hotel should first determine the number of scale equipment. Select the laundry equipment suitable for the development and operation of the enterprise. Pay attention to the operation specifications during use. First of all, we should make a general plan for the laundry time to achieve centralized laundry, centralized disinfection and centralized ironing. The laundry equipment of hotels and guesthouses should also put an end to the phenomenon of "big horses pulling cars". A basket of 40 kg linen should be cleaned with 100 kg laundry equipment to increase energy consumption.

2、 Better use of laundry equipment with adjustable factors

The experimental cleaning rate of laundry equipment is not reliable: we use laundry equipment to achieve better washing effect, so the cleaning rate has become a key indicator of the quality of laundry equipment. Although the cleaning rate is very important, so far, we still have no exact and ideal method to assess it. In order to meet the needs of the development of the washing industry, experts around the world have done some experiments. Although there is no difference in the contents of the experiments, the principles and results of the experiments are almost the same, mainly controlling the external factors that can affect the washing effect:

1. In order to ensure that the washing effect can be accurately measured, it is necessary to ensure that the distribution of measuring points of laundry equipment is consistent with the filling amount. It is stipulated that the specifications, quantity, texture, pollution degree, pollution location and quantity of laundry shall be the same.

2. Use the same brand and the same amount of detergent or washing powder.

3. In order to obtain more fair and equitable indicators, it is stipulated that the pollution source, pollution method, texture and use of artificial contaminated cloth should be consistent.

4. Make sure that the washing times and times are consistent.

5. It is stipulated that the washing water temperature, quantity and quality are the same.

6. The washing clothes shall be arranged and stored in the same way.

7. Laundry equipment should be used correctly

The above seven items are the premise of the left experiment, but because they are artificially stipulated, the results may not be fair. According to the different pollution methods and types, the results are different. If the pollution source is easy to wash, the cleaning rate will be high. On the contrary, if it is difficult to wash, the cleaning rate of laundry equipment will be low.

We can clearly see that the contaminated cloth and pollution source used in our experiment are all artificially and uniformly specified, but the actual washing material and pollution are very different, or even have nothing to do with each other. Therefore, our experimental results are only for specific contaminated cloth, which is not consistent with the actual washing rate, nor can we generally determine the cleaning rate of laundry equipment based on this result.

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