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Cotton fabric washing procedure in the hospital

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-17

the wards and operating room staff costumes bed sheets, bedding, cleaning of cotton fabric and the need to change disease take into the dirt inside the car,

by the laundry staff will be ultraviolet disinfection cotton waste wheeled into the laundry room, and then carries on the high temperature furnace disinfection, reduce the secondary pollution of bacteria and virus infection.

ward cotton washing procedure design should consider the particularity of hospital wash fabric to dirt,

design must join the washing steps when washing procedure, in order to prevent the blood stains, such as protein like condensation on the fabric is difficult to remove.

1, laundry equipment wash, rinse is the first working procedure in hospital washing program, flushing is commonly can remove the dirt on the surface of the fabric, normally blood, serum and protein dirt in 45 ° C above condensation.

when designing flushing procedure shall be appropriate to join some of the base surface to prevent blood clotting, should choose the low temperature, temperature is advantageous to the detergent to remove dirt. Hospital cotton fabric stain area is about 5% ~ 8%, and cotton fabric stain area of the hotel restaurant is 1% ~ 2%.

2, bleaching, washing machine washing hospital system in the process of cotton fabric, bleaching process is a very important program, its function has three: disinfection and sterilization. Scouring; Increase the whiteness.

the first effect is that kill bacteria and microorganisms;

the second effect is that the removal of pigment type of dirt on the fabric;

the third role is to, through the bleaching process increase the fabric whiteness.

hospital linen for disinfection, sterilization, bleaching

bleach chlorine bleaching is the most ideal hospital laundry in the most effective disinfectant, even in the not so ideal washing conditions can still destroy bacteria and microbe,

1% concentration of chlorine bleaching is 99% of microbes in the fabric can be eliminated.

the sheets, bedding and clothing stains grease stain is human body secretions, food, medicine, etc. , when catharsis had better low temperature to high temperature washing step, add a certain amount of oil emulsifying agent helps to remove oil stains.

sodium hypochlorite disinfection bleaching effect is good and the price is low, how many years has been adapted for use by hospitals of washing.

but sodium hypochlorite for fabric strong corrosive, decoloring, reported loss rate increases, the fabric color clothing badly faded, so be careful to use sodium hypochlorite.


using sodium hypochlorite note

1, when using the sodium hypochlorite diluted 10 times above, in the process of washing machine rotation to join.

2, colored clothing best without sodium hypochlorite bleach disinfection.

3, some medicines will meet chlorine bleach oxidation discoloration, the formation of brown, stranded in the fabric is difficult to eliminate, so suggest washing after a certain time and add chlorine bleach disinfection

hospital beds the matters needing attention in the process of washing

fabric washing, hospital health system in order to reduce and avoid the artificial or management caused by factors such as bacteria and viruses cross infection and infectious disease caused by a pollution,

need to pay attention to the following:

1, strictly control the cleaning area, disinfection area and partitioning, sorting into standard management, sending and receiving areas separate, and follow the dirty wash thing net degree and differentiate the types and properties of the staining;

the workplace can be divided into sorting, disinfection, washing, ironing, fold zone and save area to prevent cross contamination caused by fabric.

2, washing process from are washed fabric with dirt to clean fabric after washing forward through, avoid reverse through, reduce the secondary pollution of bacteria and virus infection;

USES the best USES the best hospital in the process of washing detergents and disinfectants, high temperature and high pressure and ultraviolet disinfection method tide peel the purpose of killing bacteria and viruses.

3, using the isolation type full automatic washing machine, health quarantine type washing way, reduce the cross infection of bacteria and virus on the fabric and clothing.

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