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Daily maintenance of large industrial washing machines

by:GOWORLD     2020-03-04
In daily use, large industrial washing machines only need to refuel regularly, and for the rest, it is recommended to conduct inspections once every six months to see if there are any loose fasteners or caused by vibration (cause)Loose and tidy up the wire. Washing machinery from the original semi-automatic washing machinery: semi-automatic washing machine, dehydrator, dryer. Up to now, the fully automatic elution all-in-one machine has gone through about 30 years. At present, fully automatic elution has become the mainstream product in the market. The workflow of the washing machine consists of four processes: water inflow, laundry, drainage and dehydration. In the washing machine, these four processes are controlled by corresponding button switches respectively. In the washing machine, these four processes can be fully automatic and run in turn until the washing is finished. G. Solenoid Valve is installed on the inlet pipe. H. The opening and closing of the drain valve are controlled by the solenoid valve. I. HEATER This machine has two heating methods, one is steam heating and the other is electric heating. Before each washing cycle, the solid detergent must be diluted with water and then put into the soap liquid box. It is forbidden to add soap liquid in the washing process of the full-automatic industrial washing machine. The best time to release soap liquid is after draining water, before heating. Laundry equipment is divided into hotel laundry equipment, washing company laundry equipment, factories, mines, enterprises and institutions as well as large and medium-sized institutions laundry, function, cleaning degree, environmental protection is much higher than other industries, washing company laundry equipment, factories, mines, enterprises, institutions and large and medium-sized institutions laundry equipment or smaller scale, mainly ordinary equipment, as long as it has large capacity, high durability and simple maintenance. Convenient and applicable. is the general designation of complete sets of industrial washing machines, which includes: laundry equipment, drying equipment, ironing equipment, ironing equipment, folding equipment, etc. F. The door body is made of stainless steel, and the door is equipped with rubber sealing ring, which is sealed with the barrel body when working. The door lock is used to open or close the door, and a linkage switch is installed in the door lock to ensure that the door will not be opened while the machine is running, ensure operator safety. Daily maintenance of large industrial washing machines 1. Long-term shutdown of large full-automatic washing machines should eliminate accumulated water and keep them clean and tidy. 2, large automatic washing machine should be placed in dry, no corrosive gas, no strong acid, strong alkali erosion, so as to avoid metal rust, electrical components to reduce insulation (insulated)Performance. 3. For large industrial washing machines with no oil injection hole on the sheave shaft, the washing machine should be oiled once to prevent corrosion. 4, long-term storage of large automatic washing line should be covered with plastic film (Thin and soft transparent sheet) Or cloth cover to avoid dust erosion and keep the washing machine bright and clean. 5. Large full-automatic washing machine should be turned on for trial operation every 2 or 3 months to prevent parts from rusting and motor windings from being affected with damp. Power-on is also a means of drying the winding, which can avoid failure caused by too long deactivation time (fault). 6, large industrial washing machines do not long-term direct sunlight, especially for plastic electronic devices, so as not to fade, aging. The official website of the King of cleaning machines not only provides various washing equipment (sh è B è I)Care, maintenance, equipment (sh è B è I)Question (Emerson)Maintenance and other related (related)Knowledge (zhī shí) , Mainly used in laundry rooms, laundry centers, hotels, hospitals, railways, schools and other enterprises and institutions (unit). More high-quality washing equipment (sh è B è I)All in the clean King.

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