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Daily maintenance work of industrial washing machine in summer

by:GOWORLD     2020-03-07
Industrial Washing Machine in summer, because the processed fabrics are relatively thin and thin, although the working intensity is smaller than that in winter, the frequency of use is higher, moreover, due to the influence of summer climate and natural environment, there are often some problems such as bacteria breeding that are not easy to occur in other seasons, therefore, in order to ensure the use efficiency of our industrial washing machines, Haixin Industrial Washing Machine Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. reminds the majority of users to do the following work. 1, do a good job in the internal environment management of the laundry room, to create a comfortable working environment for industrial washing machines, we should do a good job of ventilation and drainage of the laundry room, let the industrial washing machine work in a dry, ventilated and smooth drainage environment.

2. In order to improve the cleaning rate of washing fabrics of industrial washing machines and reduce bacteria inside industrial laundry equipment, to prevent industrial washing machine internal mildew and bacteria change we should regularly adopt scientific methods for industrial washing machine cleaning and sterilization work.

3. In order to ensure the normal operation of industrial washing machines under high-frequency working environment, we should improve the maintenance frequency of industrial washing machines and strengthen industrial washing machines. maintenance intensity, focus on the inspection of industrial washing machines and lubrication of internal components to prevent rust inside industrial washing machines due to special seasonal relations.

4. As it is relatively humid and sultry in summer, we should regularly check all power supplies and joints of industrial washing machines, prevent short circuit and leakage of internal lines of industrial washing machines.

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