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Decided to the hotel at four o 'clock washing machine performance

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-23

to measure the stand or fall of hotel washing machine functions, see the following four points:

a washing machine, hotel XiJingDu

for a laundry workers and buyers, the choose and buy of the hotel when the washing machine in the job to wash the fabric is the problem that users pay more attention to, and affect the hotel washing machine XiJingDu elements have a washing machine mechanical force with its own quality and the efficiency, cleaning agent so we in the choose and buy must to deep understanding of the hotel the function of the washing machine, washing machine to prevent the choose and buy hotel XiJingDu high enough.

2, air water consumption

in this era of advocate saving energy saving and emission reduction, the hotel the gas consumption of the washing machine water consumption is also we must be thinking about when the choose and buy goods. Due to these factors will directly linked to your late operating capital, so let's hotel washing machine when the choose and buy should take gas water consumption of goods detailed understanding, energy-saving efficient hotel as far as possible to buy a washing machine, do not covet is cheap and some gas water consumption of choose and buy hotel washing machine.

3, hotel washing machine power consumption

the power consumption of the washing machine is same hotel we need careful thought. An excellent hotel washing machine its power consumption is lower, is more energy-saving. The power consumption of the washing machine for the hotel, we can through the professional power instrument measurement of all power consumption index in the process of washing, and then according to 0 per kilowatt-hour. 49 yuan current electricity price regulation, to calculate the whole washing process cost of electricity.

4, hotel washing machine noise

with the help of authoritative data analysis indicate that 'noise' in the washing machine at the hotel complaint complaint has been ranked the top of the list. Thus washing machine noise has a great influence on the consumer day, so will the noise test in the test range. Hotel washing machine noise intrusive depends mainly on goods design and manufacture of precision, as well as the problems when the device.

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