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Dehumidifiers And Why They Are Useful at Home

by:GOWORLD     2020-07-27
Do you ever walk into a room and get a faint whiff of wet dog even though you don't have a dog? That could be due to too much water in the air. So you can ask yourself how did I get too much moisture in the air, well all of the daily routines, from showering/bathing, running the washing machine, cooking, running the dishwasher or drying the clothes on an indoor clothes dryer or tumble drier. The damage that high moisture levels can do to your home can be invisible to the naked eye such as the musty smell, but there are also a few visible signs too, such as peeling wallpaper and paint, warped wood, mould spores/patches and just simple condensation. Just by purchasing and running a dehumidifier, you can reduce the amount of moisture in the home's atmosphere to help avoid the above issues. There are a few considerations you need to take on board when thinking about installing a dehumidifier, the main ones I would advise are; Tank size - How much water can be removed (but more importantly stored in the tank) during a 24 hour cycle (you can check manufacture guides to see about which unit best fits your room size) Efficiency - Well you don't want to be running the thing constantly for not much improvement to your humidity levels do you? If you live in an apartment or up to a 5 bedroom house then one option if the Meaco DD8L this is ideal for smaller properties or flats. The Meaco DD8L is a desiccant style of dehumidifier which means to us normal non techie folk that it doesn't use a compressor, which is good because it means the unit is lighter at only 6.4kg but will operate over a larger temperature range (from 1-40 degrees Celsius). One big positive regarding this model is that it contains an ioniser/silver anti bacterial filter which does its bit to clean the air & help keep the house healthy. Another positive with the type of dehumidifier is that it warms the surrounding air by approx 10-12 degrees Celsius so can be used as an aid in drying any laundry (a massive bonus especially to those of us who put up with these cold, wet & dreary winters, Springs & Autumns we have in the UK). The good thing about this unit is that you don't have to limit yourself to just your home, it is great for use in caravans, boats, cars or even garages.
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