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Different heating mode comparative analysis hotel cleaning equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-11

most of the hotel cleaning equipment USES the power source is the electric heating and steam heating type two kinds of dynamic way. Such as common steam automatic laundry equipment, electric heating type fully automatic laundry equipment, double flat hot steam machine, electric heating type single hot flat machine. For both types of washing machines, laundry room for each staff have different views. But in terms of cost and washing effect, think washing equipment adopts steam power supply will be more energy conservation and environmental protection.

from the figures, no matter which kind of washing equipment is obviously superior type electric heating steam to the use of the power of washing equipment, general power consumption is only 10% of the electric heating steam washing equipment, such as wrinkles in steam heating type single roll machine using only 2 degrees, the power consumption per hour type electric heating power consumption per hour does more than 30 degrees.

so it is not hard to see wrinkles in two different ways of working machine electricity consumption is really amazing. Such as the production of 100 kg of automatic laundry equipment, large washing equipment is heated electrically neutral, because the power will be very high, and can not reach the required temperature.

steam washing equipment in the work at the same time due to the infiltration of the unique way of working can not only soft wash fabric, linen wash effect, at the same time, it can remove and linen fabric drape and peculiar smell, so as to achieve fluffy stretch fabric, after washing clean and healthy, fabric to use a better comfort. The electric heating type washing equipment will not be able to achieve this effect.

use steam heating type laundry washing equipment really has a larger advantage, bring the laundry in energy and water conservation and other environmental benefits, so steam washing equipment has long been under the support of our laundry and buyers, as buyers when choosing hotel laundry washing equipment laundry equipment product electric heating mode is by electric heating, electric heating tube steam heating by steam heating. Steam heating has the advantage of the dryer, ironing machine drying, ironing cloth grass not dry, soft; The electric heating drying, ironing cloth grass dry way. Electric heating mode is generally choose when boiler in no conditions.

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