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Domestic Appliance Spares on the Internet

by:GOWORLD     2020-07-24
Maintaining and repairing domestic appliances fridges, freezers, washing machines, dish washers, tumble dryers is big business in the UK. White goods, as they are called, cost so much money to buy new that people (quite rightly) would far rather purchase a new version of a broken bit, and have it replaced, than go out and get a whole new fridge freezer. As such, an industry has sprung up around keeping white goods on the go. With the advent of the Internet, sourcing domestic appliance spares like tumble dryer spares or fridge freezer spares has gotten a lot easier giving real price breaks to the men and women who maintain white goods for a living. And that's bringing the prices down for their customers, too. The Internet was always supposed to be a place where people could go for free information. People being what they are, what it actually turned out to be was a place where people go to buy stuff as cheaply as they can. Cheap Internet trading works because of the way the web was set up in the first place. It's an information sharing structure, which means it's very easy to find domestic appliance spares, tumble dryer spares and so on no matter how esoteric they might be, how rare the make of tumble dryer in question or how old the machine. Somewhere in the world, someone has stock of the right bit. With the Internet, an edifice built to interrogate and return query information from huge banks of data; it's easy to find out who has the stock, where it is and how much it costs. Now because the Internet makes inventories instantly available to the user, no matter where in the world that actual stock is held, a selection pressure is created on the holders of the stock to keep their prices low. Why? Because if a plumber or maintenance person looks for stock of particular domestic appliance spares in a place where they can see all their options side by side (like the Internet), then they are in a position to compare prices without any difficulty at all. And that means huge pressure on spares suppliers to keep their prices attractively slim. Also, the Internet has removed the need for maintenance people and even hardware stores to hold physical stock of their own. All that happens, when a person sources spars for white goods online, is that the site purporting to 'hold' that stock transfers the sale through to the real holder of the stock the original manufacturer. The site doesn't have to pay any storage charges because it doesn't have a ware house. The manufacturer supplies the domestic appliance spares, the tumble dryer spares and so forth, at cost because they are manufacturers and that's what manufacturers do. And the end user, the maintenance person looking for the spares, ends up paying way less than they ever used to because they're not having to help out with the rent on a premises that doesn't exist. The best news of all? These prices filter down to the real end user, the person who needs their tumble dryer fixed. Thanks to the Internet, keeping white goods going costs even less than it used to.
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