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Dry, Drier, Driest - Which Tumble Dryer Should I Choose?

by:GOWORLD     2020-07-22
Most households today have tumble dryers, and many families claim that it is probably one of the best investments they ever made. The very first tumble dryers were very basic, inefficient and noisy. These days they're much quieter and more efficient in all shapes, sizes and types are available everywhere, the one boasting even more nifty features than the other. Like washing machines and other large appliances, dryers can be found at home and kitchen appliance stores. There are three main types of tumble dryers, and we will list them below to give you an idea of how far tumble-dryer technology has come. Gone are the days of money-draining, loud and unsightly monsters, now you can choose from many different, technologically advanced models, and a lot of them have also become much more pleasing to the eye. Before you decide to invest in one of these wonderful machines, you will need to figure out which type of dryer will best suit your specific needs and of course, your budget. These days you can even shop for appliances online, which makes comparing and choosing that much easier. Condenser tumble dryers These types of tumble dryers work by removing warm moist air away from the tumble dryer drum, after which it's cooled off in the machine. The water that accumulates during this process is then collected in a reservoir which can be emptied after a couple of drying cycles. What's good? Condenser tumble dryers can be installed wherever you find it most practical. It does not have to be near a wall or window. Steam is not a problem as water from the drum is collected in a reservoir. What's not so good? If you have the bad luck of having chosen a bad quality condenser dryer you will have damp air and possibly mildew to deal with. To minimise this, make sure the reservoir is emptied on a regular basis. Vented tumble dryers These tumble dryers use the damp, warm air out of the drum and vent it out through a flexible pipe. What's good? The good thing about these vented dryers is that they are cheaper than other types of dryers, plus they are much friendlier on the budget as their electricity usage is much more efficient. What's not so good? The not so good thing about vented tumble dryers is that there are limited options as to where the tumble dryer can be stationed, as the hot air needs to be vented away. You would have to place these near a window or a door. Heat pump tumble dryers These types of tumble dryers make use of the latest tumble dryer innovations, which makes them very energy efficient. The drying process of these dryers consist of two steps: they re-heat the air that's vented from your laundry, after which that air is cooled and condensed back into water. That water is then collected in the dryer. The re-using of this hot air means that, instead of escaping, the energy is contained within the machine. What's good? The energy use of these types of dryers is decreased by about a third if you compare it to other models, and drying time is not extended. This type of dryer is a great choice, especially in terms of energy efficiency. What's not so good? Heat pump technology is advanced, and this makes these types of dryers rather expensive. But in the long run, the initial investment will work out to your benefit.
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