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Dryer Carpet Cleaning

by:GOWORLD     2020-07-22
Having your carpets professionally cleaned really is a great idea and you will be shocked at the amount of dirt that comes out even after just two or three months from your carpet, so much so that you will probably want them cleaning on a regular basis. The problem is that if you have any carpets cleaned, large or small, then the reality of it is that not only does it take an hour or so to do each carpet well, but also that the carpet remains so wet that you cannot really walk on it for several hours after it is cleaned. This is something that you do have to do take into consideration particularly if you have a busy household with children and pets. Trying to keep people from walking on any of the clean carpets can prove difficult and impossible if it is in your front entrance hallway. So if you opt to have your carpets cleaned professionally or you opt to rent or even buy a cleaning machine for use by yourself, then you would be well advised to opt for one of the new ranges of dry carpet cleaners. This name is slightly misleading as the unit still uses cleaning liquid to clean the floor, the reference to 'Dry' refers to the fact that the latest machines such as rug doctor ones, which are widely used in the hire shop and commercial cleaning market, use a high strength vacuum, which picks up around 80% of the cleaning fluid from the carpet. This means that as the carpet is not wet sopping wet but as dry as the vacuum can make it, so it will dry much quicker overall when compared to being cleaned with a traditional 'Wet' cleaner. Using a machine with a high strength vacuum not only insures the quick drying of the carpet, but also minimizes the dirt residue that is left behind in the carpet fibers. Indeed the latest machines use cleaning brushes that vibrate at high speed reaching all around the individual fibers to remove dirt from them. Using a dry carpet cleaner has the advantage that as it cleans the floor in a single pass it minimizes the damage to the fibers as well as making the cleaning job much faster to do. This is well worth noting if you run a professional carpet cleaning business and are looking to change out your older machines for new ones, as the latest dry carpet cleaners will boost your profits as you can clean more floors in a shorter period of time.
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