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Drying Cabinets Can Save And Protect The Laundry

by:GOWORLD     2020-07-21
One of the major problems these days is that everything has to be carried out at great speed to reduce costs. In the commercial laundry the quick return of goods back into the system can save markedly on the amount of goods that have to be purchased to give a working margin. However this is not always true and sometimes the tortoise still wins the race. In the case of the commercial laundry giving a quick return to save purchasing requirements, this does not always work, as the user usually has to have a spare set anyway in case of a breakdown in equipment. One item that is worth considering for the commercial laundry is the drying cabinet. This piece of equipment may seem to have a slow return of product but there are many advantages, which will more than pay for its usage. The drying cabinet is a fairly large piece of equipment much like an oversized wardrobe, typically being 1955 mm high x 1800 mm wide and 800mm deep. This metal cabinet is fitted with a series of rails that usually swing out for easy loading and unloading and is idea for sheets, rugs, mats, jackets and a full range of clothes. In fact this unit will dry anything from shoes to firemen's working gear. The unit uses a 3 fan drying system, which has around 9 different programmes on it in order to deal with any sort of material that it encounters. This unit can be used to dry anything from angora, satin and silk to cotton and wool by adjusting the drying cycle. A typical drying cabinet will dry about 16 Kg of product in around 65 minutes, the drying cycle typically includes a cooling down to room temperature programme at the end of the cycle. The programme is controlled by a humidity detection system that can determine just when the product is dry and so the control of the drying process is reliable and consistent. One of the major advantages of this system is that the clothes or linen is dried without any creases and is just ready for ironing. The other great advantage is that the clothes and linen will keep in better condition that if they are dried in a tumble dryer. There is no wear and tear in this process as the goods are static and this also gives a good even drying cycle. It is also a very low power use process and hence a cheap operation.
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