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Encounter Golf With Rl150 Remote Golf Trolley

by:GOWORLD     2020-07-20
Why put yourself via the trouble anyway? Do you not desire a small freedom? In this instance, RL150 Electrical Golf trolley is just the gadget you'll need! Supplying the versatility to move it anywhere around the golf course, it gives you with the kind of relief; you had been searching for. It will assist you to to concentrate only in your game. Allow RL150 Electric Golf Trolley to carry your clubs whilst you unwind and appreciate the game. A Lithium Ion Battery controls the RL150 Electrical Golf Trolley, which tends to make it extremely lightweight. The remote saves you from the difficulty of pushing or pulling the trolley around. Envision getting the luxury and liberty to move around the whole golf program. Whilst with the touch of a button, the remote carries your equipment for you. For all those of you; worried about jammers, you need not be concerned since the RL150 Electrical Golf Trolley comes with an Anti-Jamming remote having a one hundred yard variety. With a handle that may be adjusted for your option of height and battery indicator LED lights, you've the liberty to perform your machine with the tip of one's fingers at the speed you please. What might easily excite any golfer will be the fact that you can really run through the whole 18 hole program with out actually worrying about the battery failing! The RL150 Electric Golf Trolley is really a universal size which fits all kinds of golf bags, may they be stand bags or cart bags. The RL150 Electrical Golf Trolley continues to be specially crafted with Aviation Grade Aluminum Frame, which is both strong and versatile. Created with Alloy folding hardware components it's built for convenience. Regardless of of all of its conveniences, another however important one consists of that it's easy to shop, it may be dissembled, the wheels are detachable and also may be folded sufficient to become carried along with a bag of golf clubs within the trunk of one's car. The package deal consists of, RL150 Electric Golf Cart, Anti-Jamming Remote Manage by SPITZER, along with Battery and high amperage quick charger packed in a fully insulated carton box.
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