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Energy-saving washing usage of linen washing equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-03-01
When the cloth washing equipment works, the drum rotates at high speed. If energy-saving work can be done well, it can not only save precious resources, but also reduce costs and upgrade profits. Use detergent to reduce the energy consumption of cloth washing equipment, so as to improve the rapid utilization rate of cloth washing equipment. Teach you to do the following: the improvement of the standard operation of the linen washing equipment is the premise of the high efficiency of the washing machine, and the correct steps are carried out according to the instructions. The water consumption of the cloth washing equipment is moderate. The washing time of the cloth laundry equipment is about 45 minutes. The specific time depends on the degree of fabric pollution and the texture of the fabric. The type of dirt is closely related. We must correctly grasp the washing time, not the cleanliness of the fabric is proportional to the washing time, but the rational use of resources and energy to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. In the washing process of cloth washing equipment, professional detergent makes stains disintegrate quickly and quickly make fabric cloth fresh and clean. In the use of detergent dosage must be appropriate. If the capacity of the loaded fabric linen is about 80%, the loading capacity is too small and electric energy is wasted; Too much load makes the motor overloaded, thus shortening its service life and increasing excessive losses. First, soak the sheet quilt cover in the washing liquid. We all know very well that the hotel rooms live in many different places every day, and people who do not pay attention to them will polish shoes and wipe the floor with sheets. Or do something else, in short, it will make the white and clean sheets messy and dirty. Therefore, in the face of these difficult-to-wash dirt, it is best to soak it first, so that cold water can fully touch every corner of the sheet. However, it should be noted that the soaking time should not be too long. Moreover, whether the soaking is good or bad directly affects the final effect of washing, so this link must be paid attention. Secondly, use special hotel linen washing equipment to wash the machine. When using machine washing, we should pay attention to the nature of the sheets. According to different fabrics, we should choose different washing solutions. In the whole washing process, machine washing with washing equipment is the most important step. Therefore, in the process of machine washing, we should grasp the temperature of water, cleaning time and washing procedure. If you feel that only machine washing can not achieve the effect of decontamination, you can choose to wash it by hand after machine washing, and the washing effect will be better. Again, rinse the sheets thoroughly after dehydration. Using appropriate water temperature can accelerate the dissolution of detergent and accelerate the separation of detergent and bed sheets. After the bed sheets are fully rinsed, dehydration can be carried out. In order to save more time, you can rinse once and take off the water once. In this way, the combination of rinsing and dehydration will achieve twice the result with half the effort. Cloth laundry equipment washing different requirements for detergents of all kinds of cloth: 1. Silk or wool fabrics are not alkali resistant because their chemical components contain protein, which will destroy their firmness. Cloth washing equipment this kind of fabric should be washed with neutral detergent or special detergent for silk wool, and enzyme-containing detergent should not be used. 2. Cotton and linen fabrics have no special requirements for detergents because they have certain alkali resistance. 3, artificial fiber alkali resistance is poor, should use neutral detergent. 4. Synthetic fibers have certain alkali resistance and have no special requirements for washing. However, for blended fabrics containing viscose fiber, neutral detergent or special detergent for silk and wool should be selected. 5. Bed sheets, towels and tablecloths are generally pure cotton or chemical fiber-containing fabrics, and some detergents for cloth and grass washing equipment with strong alkalinity can be selected.
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