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Features and advantages of linen washing equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-04

What kind of position does cloth washing equipment occupy in this industry, and what characteristics does it have, which promote the development of our equipment.

Linen laundry equipment refers to automatic laundry equipment, automatic dryers, automatic ironing machines, and folding machines. A Chinese computer with a large LCD screen is used for full control. It also realizes man-machine dialogue in the form of Chinese display, which has the characteristics of simple structure, accuracy, and stable and reliable performance.

Automatic elution of linen laundry equipment
The high-quality stainless steel panel, inner barrel and outer barrel structure have high corrosion resistance and will not pollute the washed fabric (the panel is made of stainless steel frosted board, which is even more magnificent).
The frequency conversion speed regulation system is adopted, which has the advantages of small starting current, low energy consumption and stable operation, so only the first-level belt drive is required. Smooth and uniform speed regulation.
Full suspension and ultra-low vibration: The full suspension structure is equipped with a damping buffer system, so that the shock absorption rate of the whole machine is as high as 95%, and it can be installed on the floor.
This automatic washing machine has multiple display, alarm, and detection functions, which is convenient for machine maintenance. The application of safety and braking devices makes the performance of the whole machine more perfect.
It has high washing degree, high dehydration rate, low energy consumption, low labor intensity, high efficiency and low wear on fabrics.
Suitable for washing cotton, wool, linen, chemical fiber and other clothing and fabrics in hotels, hotels, colleges, guest houses, hospitals, professional laundry factories, laundry rooms and other industries.
The electric heating method (small size model) can be customized for users to save the worry of no steam source.

Automatic drying of linen washing equipment
The drum is made of high-quality stainless steel with high corrosion resistance.
Two models of steam heating and electric heating, touch screen controller and button controller are available for users to choose.
The electric heating type adopts energy-saving durable quartz infrared heating tube, and the steam type adopts an energy-saving copper radiator, which has long life, high thermal efficiency and does not damage the fabric.
Automatic timing, automatic start and stop.
It has large capacity, low noise, fast heating and high efficiency. The treated fabric is fluffy and soft.
It is suitable for hotels, hotels, colleges, hospitals, laundry rooms and clothing, textiles, printing and dyeing, food, chemical, medical equipment and other industries. This machine is also suitable for the softening and drying of leather products. The deformed product can be used for the rubbing of artificial leather.

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