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Features of Various Tumble Dryers

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-24
Nowadays with so many different types of tumble dryers on the market, it's hard to pick the perfect one. For example, the older models of tumble dryers were major energy consumers. However, with the creation of the sensor tumble dryer, the overuse of energy is a thing of the past.
Important features
The energy rating - All tumble dryers come with an A to G rating with A being the best. Even though the difference in the energy ratings doesn't seem like much, after a while of constant use the energy savings can really add up. Manufacturers recommend that you purchase nothing less than a B rated appliance because they have what is considered good energy usage. Items lower than a C rating are still fine, but you may be more displeased when the time comes to pay your electricity bill.
Reverse drying - This feature is excellent for untangling knots in clothes and it also helps reduce creases when the clothing comes out. When you activate this feature the drum rotates in two directions.
Cupboard dry - A cupboard dry is used to immediately dry clothing in case you need it in a hurry. Note: if this feature is used constantly, it can damage the fibers in your clothing.
Iron dry - The iron dry setting allows a small amount of extra moisture to stay in your clothing to help you out with ironing.
Sensor - The sensor will detect the amount of moisture in your clothing and depending on the reading it gets, it will either keep drying or turn itself off.
Cool tumble - The cool setting is used mostly for delicate and fragile clothing.
Other Important Info to Consider
The vented or condenser model?
If you can't afford a really expensive dryer then a vented model is the way to go. It needs to be near a window however, to expel the air that it uses to dry the clothing. If you do not have a place to put it, then you can always spend a little more on a condenser dryer. The condenser collects the water in a large drawer for manual disposal. This allows for a more flexible placement.
Now that you have read this article you have a much better idea of what features are available on the latest tumble dryers. As you make your decision, try to keep this article in mind because it definitely can help you choose the best tumble dryer for you.

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