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Finding The Right Commercial Laundry Machines

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-29
When you are first setting up a commercial laundry business then you need to ensure that you choose the right equipment for the job. Setting up a commercial laundry business can often involve a big investment, so you need to ensure 100% that you choose the right equipment for the job.
Spending several thousand pounds on ironing equipment only to find out within a month that it is simply not up to the job of working twenty four hours a day, can result in you either losing business through not being able to meet demand, or having to replace the ironing equipment entirely.
If you are setting up a medium to large scale commercial laundry business then you may be looking to spend well in to six figures on commercial laundry equipment, so choosing the right equipment for the job is essential.
Also one of the main things that you must consider is maintenance, if you are planning on running a business that may be operating 24/7 - After all many commercial laundries do, as they are cleaning anything from sheets to work wear, that will often be required for the next morning.
Buying cheaper equipment may seem attractive at the start but if the maintenance on offer is poor, then in the event of a machine breaking down you can quite literally lose all of your business overnight, or be faced with a large bill if you have to subcontract out the work whilst your machine is being repaired.
A good maintenance service is vital when buying your commercial laundry equipment. You need to establish call out times, and fix times upfront in the maintenance agreement. You may well need someone that can send an engineer out at any time of day. As when running a twenty four hour business you will find that a nine to five maintenance plan will not be any use to you, as one thing is certain and that is that something will breakdown outside of these hours.
You should also look at factors such as how long the company you are planning on buying your equipment from has been in business. Also not only take up references from them, but also ask to go and see and talk to at least one of their existing clients, whilst they might be your future competition, most people are still happy to talk to other people in their industry.
This gives you some food for thought when looking at buying commercial laundry equipment.

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