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First Appearances Are Worth The Value

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-30
There is a general view in life that first appearances influence the overall view of the product and the company more than any other time. Certainly the reverse applies in that if the first appearance is very poor the supplier is at a very severe disadvantage on trying to turn around the general profile of the company. The laundry business is certainly one of those industries where appearance is of a major importance to the business and how it performs. The bulk of customers of any laundry service use the products that are being washed and cleaned to put those products on display either in a restaurant or bedroom or hospital as well as the functional use for which they have been designed.
Folding machines have been in operation for years and the modern machines are quite complex in their design and operation but they finish off the laundry to a very high standard. The machines are fairly expensive and can take up quite a large amount of space in the laundry facility. The operation of a folding machine however is not labour intensive and almost all items are folded prior to delivery to the customer. Professional machine folding makes the laundry look good and allows the products to be easily stacked and stored prior to usage. Hand folding can be effective but is not always correct and requires more handling of the cleaned or washed item and it also requires two people for the larger items and it has a low production rate. The last thing a customer needs is an item that looks poorly finished and his customer complains because he doubts the cleanliness
The folding machines are usually operated by a single operator and they have some sophisticated microprocessor controls that will deal with the multitude of different items and different folds required. The more advanced machines can automatically select the correct folds required for sheets, towels, pillowcases, napkins and blankets. They are also able to control and deal with the different thicknesses of the laundry that is required when changing from something of the thickness of a blanket compared to the thickness of a thin sheet. The advances that have made it possible to deal with a complete range of products without careful readjustment of the machine on a regular basis and this has reduced the working time.
The final item is to introduce an automatic stacker so that the laundry is stacked and bundled prior to storage or delivery completes the complete finishing production line. The supplier will advise on the best system and be able to give an assessment on the cost of equipment and labour usage.

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