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Folding machine operating specifications and instructions

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-04

How much do you know about the operating specifications and efficacy of the folding machine? Before using the machine, we must be aware of the machine’s temper to ensure our own safety. If we only operate it alone and ignore the operating specifications, it may cause serious problems. s consequence.

Operating specification of folding machine
1. Before using the machine every day, check the conveyor belt, motor, induction tube, etc. visually or by hand to see if there are any components broken or out of position; then use air pressure to blow off the dust on the folding machine, and Wipe each sensor clean.
2. Turn on the power switch of the machine and observe whether the emergency switches, belts and folding parts are normal when the machine is running.
3. Use the ironing machine to iron 5 whole sheets of waste and check whether the cooperation between the two machines and the operation of the folding machine are normal.
4. It is strictly forbidden to use the red emergency switch as a normal shutdown key.
5.During the operation of the machine, you should always pay attention to whether there is an abnormality. If there is a problem, you should press the stopper immediately and report to the person in charge on duty.
6. If there is a conveyor belt jam, the machine should be stopped immediately, and it is forbidden to do it when the machine is not stopped. The engineering department will handle the difficult ones
7. After the machine is used, turn off the power and compressed air switch; do a good job of sanitation, re-check the machine, and investigate hidden fire hazards.

The function of folding machine:
Can replace manpower, 1000-1200 bath towels can be folded per hour
It automatically counts the stack and sends it out after folding, so that it can be easily bundled

After understanding the operating specifications and efficacy of the folding machine, it can better protect the lives of employees before using it.

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