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Get knowledge points: The functions and characteristics of linen folding machines such as hotel bedding and sheets

Get knowledge points: The functions and characteristics of linen folding machines such as hotel bedding and sheets


When it comes to fabric folding machines, many laymen may not understand what they are and what this device is used for, but if they are told that it is an automatic folding device for folding sheets and being applied, they usually quickly understand what it means. For professionals, you don't need to explain much. Just talk about the cloth folding machine and they will know what it is for. In the past, when the industry was underdeveloped, folding was a very heavy workload. Due to the lack of equipment to help with folding, it could only be done manually. This slow folding process could also lead to secondary pollution of the linen. Now that we have a linen folding machine, we quickly solved this problem.

At present, there are two common types of cloth folding machines in the market: single channel and four channel. The so-called single channel means that only one cloth can be placed at a time and then folded. For a four channel cloth folding machine, as the name suggests, it can be folded simultaneously with four cloth. When the four channels are open, it is generally mainly used for folding pillowcases. Of course, there are also dual channel ones, which are basically small folding fabrics such as student and employee dormitories, or hospital bed sheets and covers. These fabrics have relatively small specifications and can be folded twice at a time on the dual channel fabric folding machine. For the selection and purchase of folding machines, based on the current market sales situation, I recommend purchasing a four channel linen folding machine. This folding machine can not only fold hotel bed sheets and covers, but also fold small linen such as pillowcases and napkins. It is convenient to use and has a higher usage rate, saving equipment procurement costs and labor costs.

For the characteristics of the fabric folding machine, each fabric folding machine manufacturer has different characteristics. Here, the editor lists the characteristics of the fabric folding machine produced by GOWORLD laundry Washing Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is a representative company, for your reference.

1. It has folding standard discrimination, protection, and alarm, and has a self diagnosis and automatic management system;

2. Horizontal and vertical folding start control, which can achieve two horizontal, two vertical, and four channel folding;

3. Equipped with a speed closed-loop and photoelectric detection control system, as well as a speed measurement system. The key parts of the transmission system are imported parts;

4. Equipped with speed control and correct positioning of the linen conveying system, accurately measuring and calculating the length of the linen;

5. The horizontal folding configuration has a four channel folding working mode, and the cloth does not need to be input synchronously. The cloth does not need to be of the same size and quadruple to improve work efficiency;

6. Equipped with speed control and accurate positioning of the fabric conveying system, accurately measuring and calculating the folding length of the fabric;

7. Highly intelligent PLC and touch screen, with high reliability, long service life, convenient and intuitive troubleshooting methods and operation;

8. Use an intelligent infrared inspection system to measure the length and actual movement speed of the fabric, and improve folding accuracy;

9. It has folding standard discrimination, ultra wide folding rejection, protection and alarm to ensure high-quality folding effect;

10. Perfect self diagnosis function and protection system, convenient for daily use and maintenance of the machine;

11. Static electricity removal function (optional: static electricity removal rod), reducing static electricity on the cloth, reducing problems such as curling and wrinkling of the cloth, improving folding quality, and increasing the reliability and stability of machine operation;

 Domestic patent projects: a flipping belt anti-static mechanism to remove static electricity from the conveyor belt, and to avoid adhesion between linen and the conveyor belt during the folding process. For specific information, please consult the  goworld laundry machine factory sales personnel.

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