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Go Green With a Sensor Tumble Dryer

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-22
When you invest in a sensor tumble dryer you are also investing in the environment. Tumble dryers are notoriously inefficient and are most commonly given a C energy rating. However, in the winter months, and just generally in the moist British climate, you can't always guarantee drying clothes will be possible outside, and in this situation tumble drying is a necessity.
So, why is a sensor tumble dryer more environmentally friendly? Basically they take away the guess work of tumble drying and eliminate the possibility of over drying clothes.
Most of us, when we're choosing a drying cycle would use the timer to specify the length of the programme we require. However, with choosing a length of programme time we run the risk of under-drying or over-drying fabric, both of which can cause energy wastage. Here's how...
Over-drying - this occurs when your clothes are dried but the programme continues to run until the specified time of the cycle is over. Not only does this cause excess energy usage and wastage which will enlarge your carbon footprint and your energy bills, but overheating could also pose a fire risk.
Under-drying - this is when you remove your clothes from the dryer and they are still wet. You then have to put them back into the machine and run a second cycle which wastes energy because the appliance has to heat up again to its optimal drying temperature. This is especially true if the machine has been allowed to cool completely before you take your clothes out. And once again it will cost you in energy bills.
How does a sensor tumble dryer work?
Sensor tumble dryers allow you to leave the decision making up to the machine. These tumble dyers are equipped with sensors which measure both weight of the load and moisture in the fabrics and stop when the clothes are dried - not before or after.
Sensor tumble dryers usually have a selection of drying levels from cupboard dry to iron dry so you can choose whether you'd like a little moisture left in your clothes. Damp fabrics make ironing out tough creases much easier. The Beko DRCS68S has an impressive seven drying programmes to help you get the best from your machine every time.
If you're worried about the cost, sensor tumble dryer machines do not have to be expensive. Most new machines will have a selection of sensor programmes available to make life easier.

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