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Goodbye Drudgery Hello Clothes Airer

by:GOWORLD     2020-07-06
I refuse to be a slave to a tumble dryer. It's also painful to watch the life being beaten out of my lovely clothes. Items I love and often paid dearly for fading before my eyes. When I examine the fluff filter I see all the coloured fibres extracted from my lovely fine knitwear. I think I will rename the 'fluff filter' the 'life of my clothes filter'. My clothes airer sits perkily on my utility room wall over a radiator. Clothes dry in a very short time and I can dry various loads if I choose. Even my son's sports gear dries completely overnight ready for a quick morning press before school. Suddenly my evenings are free. Clothes airers have developed indeed since the old wooden clothes horse. Even the multi runged pulley airer with cast iron ends is limited. The wall airer is so flexible and almost indestructible. I often think how during those dark winters nights I simply couldn't use my washing line but now I can dry all year round. I have the mini free standing airer for use standing in the bath and the maxi for use on the patio or spare room or even in the dining room. I often think of the effect they have on the family. It promotes tidiness with all washed items in the one place. If anyone needs an item quickly they simply leave it in front of the washing machine or hand wash it. Less drudgery or hanging around for me. My family are happy to pitch in and help; they even wash their own things and place them on the airer. It's so easy to do everything yourself - 'at least I know it will be done right!' How often have we all heard ourselves say that? Well giving the family an easy method to use a natural drying system can't be bad! Handy for wheelchair users who need a drying rack at chest level in a wheelchair. All sorts of apartment dwellers, especially those with no garden, no veranda and even more today no airing cupboard benefit from a wall mounted airer. Developers have much to answer for but by investing in a clothes airer you can say goodbye to drudgery and hello to flexible clothes drying.
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